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January 7, 2016
The Executioner revels in the post Bronson/Death Wish vigilante justice sub genre. With a very common story involving Vietnam veterans, crime, and dealing with living after the war, The Executioner Part II doesn't manage to tread any new ground. The story is boring, the acting is at times silly, over the top, and amateur, and the directing... well the Director himself has admitted to not actually directing a lot of the film due to having to work as the entire crew. Portions of the film are put together by the stunt men. Other portions just have the actors (some quite seasoned by this time) directing themselves. The only real saving grace here is there is plenty of action. Bad action, but lots of it. The opening Vietnam sequence has plenty of gunfire, helicopters and explosions. There is a ton of hand to hand fighting in the streets of LA. And as the execution of choice is via a handgrenade, a few bad guys get blown up as well.
The Executioner Part II is one of those films that really is only for lovers of really bad b-movie action films.
February 8, 2015
Police investigator and tv reporter team to solve a series of vigilante killings in the city. Embarrassing on many levels but still also compelling on other levels. Vigilante ups the ante here by taking the extreme route of placing live grenades on the victims. Not a sequel (despite the title) but attempt to cash in on the success of Robert Ginty's THE EXTERMINATOR from 1981.
March 13, 2013
Vigilante known on the streets of Los Angeles as "The Executioner" kills criminals with cut glass or by planting grenades in their clothes. Not a sequel despite the title. Just a horribly made film that is somewhat redeemed by the camp value. Christopher Mitchum has to be the bottom of the barrel in terms of stars who headlined multiple action films. He makes Robert Ginty look like A-list material.
January 8, 2012
Stuff blew up, but not enough. Not enough to justify the hour and fifteen minutes of my life I dedicated to this viewing. Too much rape, not enough vigilante murder sprees. Avoid this film.
½ November 23, 2011
Such a ridiculous film, with a vigilante using the most cumbersome and pointless weapons possible, you might wonder how it could have inspired sequels, right?

It didn't, it was simply titled that to presumably sucker in rentals from people who might confuse the title with something like The Exterminator.

It's pretty silly from start to finish, but it could be fun with friends to heckle it, if you're of a mind to try and make the best of it.

Super Reviewer
June 21, 2011
This is another movie from the Grindhouse Experience 20 feature film collection. This film is not the worst in this collection, but very close to it. You can see it was taken off of VHS Tape as you will get some VHS rolls and static on the DVD. This one is about a returning solider from Vietnam who has flashbacks and runs around killing bad guys by putting hand grenades in there cloths. He is the Executioner, and of course his best friend from Vietnam is the police detective chasing him down. Don't look for the Executioner One Film, cause one was never made. So this is Movie 2 to nothing. When you look it up on IMDB you will find only 3 actors listed, that tell you anything. Still I watched the whole thing saw many mistakes like scenes showing it night outside next thing a day shot back to night shot. Cheap Cheap Cheap 42 street material back in the day. Today it gets 1 star from me.
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