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The Family Tree Quotes

  • Jack: You guys were out shooting again, weren't you?
    Reverend Diggs: Your boy has a God-given talent, Mr Burnett.
    Jack: For what? Killing and maiming? Eric, you're weird enough as it is, without being some kind of a gun nut to top it off!

  • Bunnie Burnett: What about our Marathon for Manic Depression
    Jack: Or Sculling for Scoliosis?
    Bunnie: Shut up, Jack!
    Jack: Roller blading for Rectal Itch? Luging for Lumbago?

  • Jack: I bet we're the first family ever to be fired by our therapist.

  • Bunnie: I think it shows a little too much nipple...

  • Simon: Stop. Hammer time.

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