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January 13, 2020
In the long history of movies about military heroes, very few, if any, concern the Coast Guard. So it's kind of a shame that the film adaptation of the service's bravest exploit is so dreadfully boring and uninspired.
October 17, 2019
As entertaining as Disney, the cast and crew attempt to make it, Bernie and the boys deserve more.
August 7, 2019
The credibility that the high seas scenes show helps to maintain tension. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 20, 2019
Candy-coated feel-goodery dressed up as historic disaster porn.
April 16, 2019
Not great, not terrible. Right in the middle.
April 8, 2019
Whilst playing things rather safe and without doing anything outside of what we expect from his film, Gillespie crafts an exhilarating ride thanks largely to huge scope for spectacle and a solid cast.
April 5, 2019
"The Finest Hours" is meant to be inspiring, but it's ultimately an average film that doesn't strike the right balance of thrilling or daring that it's surely meant to.
February 22, 2019
It's an incredibly bloodless affair, and the ending is so protracted and full of pointless, long stares that I was absolutely itching for the thing to be over.
February 5, 2019
Modern techniques make the storm and ocean merciless and imposing, but the film's stars are its story and the actors portraying these real-life men and women.
January 24, 2019
Based on a heroic true story, The Finest Hours is realistically terrifying (thanks to impressive special effects and score), but also a miraculous feat that warms the heart.
January 17, 2019
It's an uneven thriller that focuses on the wrong side of the equation, and the result is a film that never soars as high as it should.
November 3, 2018
Pine, Affleck and the rest of the character-actor heavy cast try to instill these characters with nuance and doubt, but ultimately a heavy-handed finale overwhelms what's left of their admirable work.
October 10, 2018
Like the sea itself, [the film] is uneven and choppy at certain points, and it's at its worst when it's ashore ... Even the direction seems eager to get to the ocean.
August 27, 2018
When not aboard the squall-navigating ships, The Finest Hours succumbs to its back-of-the-box-recipe script.
December 4, 2017
Reminds us of a time when heroes didn't complain about the dangers of the job they signed up for but instead decided to go above and beyond what was expected.
November 8, 2017
Pine ... is in his element as the resolute rescuer. His character is heroic, but in the strong, silent kind of way. Enjoy movies about daring rescues? Go watch this.
November 5, 2017
Overall, it's wholesome, life-affirming and a terrific ringing testament to the courage these men displayed.
October 25, 2017
In a film that is one part The Caine Mutiny and one part The Perfect Storm, the depictions of both lifeboat and stricken tanker are excellent and the film does have an old-school appeal, albeit an obviously manufactured one.
October 17, 2017
Sure, it's kind of hokey and old-fashioned, but it holds together and is more engaging than not.
September 20, 2017
While Webber's heroic efforts deserve to be immortalised on the big screen, director Craig Gillespie's heavy focus on the CGI storm washes out anything memorable from Pine or Casey Affleck's Ray Sybert, the loner first assistant engineer.
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