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½ April 5, 2015
Its nice to see Jet Li back in martial arts stardom, but unfortunately Flying Swords of Dragon Gate suffers from CGI overload. The effects are sloppy and very noticeable, to the point of full on distraction. Some of the lower key fight scenes are solid, but the lack of practical effects really drags down the overall product. The movie is averagely entertaining, but there's a fine line between blind ambition and doing too much when you don't have the budget.
½ December 26, 2014
Awesome film one of the best 3D films yet
December 6, 2014
I really tried my utmost to understand what the hell was going on in this movie but the director kept on introducing new characters who belonged to different clans. On top of that, the characters kept on throwing up all these different names so it was hard to work out who was who. On the plus side, the production looked impressive and you could tell that there was quite a bit of money spent on some of the scenes, but I couldn't take the flying on strings, action scenes along with the crazy sword fights which went way over the top. Personally, I might have enjoyed it more if I knew what was going on, but I found it way to confusing and I lost the plot near the beginning. Disappointing!

Jet Li is quite an impressive actor because he does his own stunts and he has an unique fast fighting style, but his performances aren't that emotional and some of his choice of films are really strange. He isn't in the same category as Jackie Chan because of his earlier contribution to Asian cinema, but there yet to find someone with the charisma and martial arts skills like Bruce Lee. I suppose it's like people like Bob Marley who really can't me imitated. Anyway, I really did have high hopes for this film, but I got totally let down because of the confusing storyline and unrealistic action scenes.

Budget: $35million
Worldwide Gross: $100million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their Jet Li movies about a clan, fighting against evil doers to save some hidden treasure from getting in the wrong hands. 2/10
December 4, 2014
You are a master of treachery.

Some new leaders have taken over an Inn in the middle of the desert in hopes of finding the fabled lost city and its riches. The leader of the inn has very strict rules on everything from his servants, to his women, to his guests, to who can search his desert for the lost city. When a group of travelers who do not wish to follow his rules cross his path, and one is pregnant, all hell breaks loose in the desert again.

"Your ladyship is the only one allowed to get pregnant around here."

Tsui Hark, director of Once Upon a Time in China I, II, III, & V; Seven Swords; Zu Warriors; Dragon Inn; The Master; The Swordsman; and the upcoming The Taking of Tiger Mountain, delivers Flying Sword of Dragon Gate. The storyline for this picture was just okay but had some cool elements and a mixed bag of good action with too much CGI action. The acting was fairly solid and the cast includes Jet Li, Liu Chia-Hui, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, and Li Yuchun.

"What's in your belly?"
"Let's take a look."

I grabbed this off Netflix because I am a fan of Jet Li and Tsui Hark. I will admit Tsui Hark is very inconsistent, but every once in a while he'll nail it. This wasn't one of those instances. I did enjoy most of the action scenes, but there was definitely a ton of wire work here and not much natural martial arts. Overall, this is entertaining and worth a viewing but far from Li or Hark's best work.

"Give me some wine and some time to taste some pickled flesh."

Grade: C+
November 8, 2014
Very creative though some of the CGI/special effects looks a bit cheesy, and the plot has way too many sub plots to make sense of it all -- but a lot of fun to watch.
September 30, 2014
The action is fantastic. Anyone a fan of high flying wire martial arts will not be disappointed. Visual effects are wonderful and Jet Li, well Jet Li is Jet Li which means he was awesome.
½ May 20, 2014
Not the best, but had its moments.
½ May 18, 2014
Segundo uma lenda milenar chinesa, a cada 60 anos uma forte tempestade de areia revelará o local onde um tesouro sagrado e muito valioso que estava perdido está localizado, a região de Dragon Gate.
Rumores que circulam o país indicam que tal local fica a famosa pousada Dragon Inn, construída para proteger o tesouro de ladrões.
Durante um combate violento entre mercenários e os guardiões do tesouro, a Dragon Inn foi destruída.
Três anos depois, uma nova pousada foi erguida no local e ela se tornou refugio para diversos foragidos da lei e párias da sociedade.
Sabendo que o dia da tempestade está próximo, essa variedade de bandidos se une para tentar encontrar o tesouro de Dragon gate.
May 7, 2014
Addition to the Wuxia genre, some eye popping action sequences, though the over the top CGI gets too much at times even for this type of film. Decent, but nothing exceptional, as would be the expectation from Tsui Hark and Jet Li's combined effort.
January 31, 2014
Sweet loved it Jet-Li return to the Wuxia genre with A VENGENCE! Loved this film and it eye popping, over the top action, a very entertaining Kung-Fu epic from the acclaimed Wuxia director Tsui Hark.
January 31, 2014
Hilarious, and strange entertainment.
Super Reviewer
½ January 16, 2014
At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the eunuchs are overcompensating in their thirst for power as they seek to crush their enemies. In order to keep them in check, the civil service employs Zhao Huai'an(Jet Li) to stop their reign of terror, and is successful when they try to execute some of the opposition. When Yu Huatian(Kun Chen) tries to kill women who might be carrying the emperor's child as a favor for a concubine, Su Huirong(Mavis Fan) makes good her escape from the palace. She only makes it as far as a ferry until she is intercepted by soldiers. But luckily she is rescued in the nick of time, not by Zhao, but by a woman using his name...

While one could normally think of Tsui Hark's movies as busy, "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" takes it to a lesser level with its shoddy special effects. Its convoluted story not only includes the above intrigue but also all sorts of other business including a treasure hunt and at least one case of mistaken identity. The movie might have had a chance if it started with desperate characters at a barren outpost trying to outwait a killer storm but it takes too long to get there and then occasionally loses its way amongst so many other details.
½ October 20, 2013
Dragon Gate (La Légende des Sabres Volants) : filmé avec un amateurisme effrayant ; que fait Jet Li dans un tel navet ?
October 3, 2013
By watching the first 10 minutes or so, I thought Tsui Hark's periodic wire-fu style had resumed back to his prime time in the late '80s - mid '90s. Well, not really. The overuse of CGI (although beautiful & almost successfully executing some imaginative action which could not be fully worked out in the 80s)- the fighting scene inside the tornado near the end is just terrible. So many scenes, characters could be trimmed down a lot & cut short. Ah... I forgot, this movie was targeted at China market.
June 4, 2013
Action scenes were weird due to the 3D effects, and generally not great. Plot was confusing and long.
May 29, 2013
Pretty cool with the swords fighting!
May 16, 2013
Awful plot, goofy fight scenes. No good at all.
April 30, 2013
Not as good as the original Dragon Inn of Maggie Cheung and Lin Qingxia; but Tsui Hark can't make bad action films can he? :)
April 17, 2013
Xun Zhou bears an uncanny resemblance to Brigitte Lin, not just in appearance but in manner, from the 1992 Dragon Inn with this is meant to be a sequel. Although not as good as the first (with clunky plotlines and a tacked on treasure hunt subplot, and fight scenes marred by oddly ungraceful CG segments of the fight scenes), this is still an enjoyable romp with its multitude of characters, personality and charisma of its main eunuch villain (with irresistible feyness by Kun Chen, who more resembles Leung ka-Fai, who played the role in the 1992 version now filled by Jet Li). Perfect popcorn fare.
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