The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara Reviews

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May 10, 2009
This is the most culturally significant documentary imaginable and should be mandatory for repeated viewing by all public officials the world over.
August 7, 2008
June 21, 2007
Even handed, but never to a fault, this critical and at times even touching examination of Robert McNamara's life and role in the Cold War is as brilliant as I hoped it would be.
September 29, 2006
[It] raise[s] complex questions about man's role in that most awful and inherent of human characteristics: our penchant for war.
April 1, 2006
December 6, 2005
December 6, 2005
November 18, 2005
When it comes to war, Robert S. McNamara wants us to know that our history with war has taught us plenty. Not that we've learned much from it.
May 3, 2005
A fascinating look into the mind of one of 20th century America's most controversial military figures
March 5, 2005
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