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The Fountain Quotes

  • Tomas/Tommy/Tom Creo: All these years, all these memories, there was you. You pulled me through time.

  • Isabel/Izzi Creo: I will not die, not here, not now, never...

  • Tomas/Tommy/Tom Creo: Death is a disease, it's like any other. And there's a cure. A cure - and I will find it.

  • Tomas/Tommy/Tom Creo: There's been progress at work...
    Isabel/Izzi Creo: [laughs] My conquistador! Always conquering...

  • Lord of Xibalba: Death is the road to awe
    Lord of Xibalba: Death is the road to awe.

  • Grand Inquisitor Silecio: Our bodies are prisons for our souls. Our skin and blood, the iron bars of confinement. But fear not. All flesh decays. Death turns all to ash. And thus, death frees every soul.

  • Tomas/Tommy/Tom Creo: I'm sorry father, for you there is only death. But our destiny is life!

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