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The Fourth Angel (The 4th Angel) Quotes

  • Jack Elgin: It would be a hell of a world if civilized people couldn't distinguish between what they wanted to do and what they actually did.

  • Agent Jules Bernard: Napoleon taught us never to stop an enemy when he's making a mistake.

  • Agent Jules Bernard: Coincidence like the law has a long arm.

  • Kate Stockton: Don't lose yourself. That would be the real crime.

  • Agent Jules Bernard: Life. It occurs whether you're at a meeting or not.

  • Jack Elgin: My anger is all I've got left.

  • Agent Jules Bernard: I'm only three minutes late. They should try waiting a thousand years for the right to vote. Now that would make them impatient.

  • Kate Stockton: Self defense isn't murder.
    Jack Elgin: Unless it feels good.

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