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June 12, 2016
Fun and interesting!
December 23, 2015
Beautiful and delicious film, follows rare fruit lovers all over the world in their quest to preserve varieties of rare fruit all over the world, and try to create community fruit orchards.
March 15, 2014
Beautiful shots of nature and half the fruits they filmed I have never even seen. Unintentionally hilarious at parts, especially when the film starts making overreaching statements about fruit's ability to start wars and destroy empires, and then rubs the point in with 30 second historical reenactments of said claims
½ January 10, 2014
I like fruit but 92 minutes was more than plenty for me..
May 18, 2013
This film is not playing in my area of Virginia, as of yet. But you can bet your last penny that I'll be in the theater watching this intriguing concept movie as soon as it is available.

My mouth waters just thinking about the exotic fruit they must find.

May 18, 2013
Saw this amazing film yesterday. I never realized how fascinating fruit can be until I saw this documentary. I admired the passion that the fruit hunters had in discovering new species of fruit. The filmmakers made the film quite interesting for regular audiences. I felt like I was there on their journeys. It was also wonderful to see the passion that actor, Bill Pullman, demonstrated along with the other fruit hunters. Highly recommend this film.
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