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October 8, 2011
The Gal Who Took the West

I watched this film on Netflix Streaming, a hard copy on DVD, doesn't seem to be on the US market. That's a shame because its not a bad film. I watched this film because it came off a list of Universal International Pictures, I started watching in 1949 time frame. A number of these movies put out by Universal International Pictures are no longer available and that to is a shame. There are many kinds of westerns, Spaghetti Westerns, Cowboy and Indian westerns, Good guy bad guy westerns, and old time serial type westerns, this movie doesn't fit any of those categories. This is listed as a western comedy and I guess it did have a funny part or two, but its just a good story, A opera singer comes into town, she is not your typical opera singer by no mean, not big boned, fat or big busted, no this women is beautiful, and two brothers who can't stand each other start a quarrel over her. Maybe should be a romantic western. 3 stars
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