The Game Changers Reviews

September 26, 2019
The movie could have used a more thorough, gram-for-gram comparison of plant-based and animal proteins. No matter, there's much fine food for thought.
September 25, 2019
It's well targeted, lean and muscular.
September 19, 2019
Some cherry picking, but overall, a compelling flood of arguments for a more plant-based diet for athletes and everybody else.
September 10, 2019
"The Game Changers" and "Super Size Me 2" are probably the two best and most important movies about food that you will see this year.
May 23, 2018
Marshaling scientific data and athletic testimonials that strongly suggests carrots are better than carne if you want to up your energy.
Top Critic
March 8, 2018
If a few more guys start eating their greens as a result, this blunt but belief-fueled film will have done its job.
February 1, 2018
A thorough and well-assembled piece of dietary evangelism.