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The Good Dinosaur Quotes

  • Arlo: He likes you.
    Nash: Ha ha! Imagine that Ramsey. Are you interested to face?
    Ramsey: Nash! Boundaries! This is my personal bubble.
    Nash: Nah, that ain't your bubble, this is your bubble!
    Butch: Nash! Get out of your sister's bubble!

  • Butch: "Don't overthink it, kid"
    Butch: Don't overthink it, kid
    Butch: Don't overthink it, kid.

  • Poppa: I think we went far enough today. Let's get you home.

  • Arlo: Stinky!

  • Thunderclap: The storm provides!

  • Arlo: Spot!

  • Pet Collector: I named it i keep it
    Pet Collector: I named it i keep it.

  • Arlo: I miss my family.
    Spot: Huh?
    Arlo: You don't understand.

  • Butch: If you ain't scared, you ain't alive.

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