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September 22, 2015
A powerful central performance is detracted from somewhat by the presence of the dead serial killer, which paradoxically serves to lighten the mood. Nice tone to the film though, and a claustrophobic sense of creeping insanity.
June 23, 2015
gr8 performances here sucked me right in...
½ October 26, 2014
The finale of the movie is stale and cliche but everything leading up to that point is a profound dissection of the main character.
September 30, 2014
Michael Cudlitz as you never have seen him before on film ot tv. This is not your "Abraham Ford" Cudlitz, or even your "John Cooper" Cudlitz. This movie is a slow ride to disturbing places. It is not a great film, but there is definitely something intriguing about the movie. there are moments where you can somewhat predict where the story is headed, but then you actually have no idea how far that story is prepared to go. Slow, yet captivating. Interesting, yet disturbing.
Super Reviewer
September 1, 2014
Pretty much a pale imitation of Taxi Driver. I think there's a decent idea here, at the very least, that sees a psychologically unstable man traveling to places where murderous rampages occurred. While he's there he sees visions of the murderers, constructs of his own mind, as they explain why they did what they did and why Jim should do the same to those whom he felt wronged him as a child. Or at least the same kind of people. Of course it all goes back to some trauma Jim suffered as a child and how that has psychologically tortured him for most of his adult life. I think that's certainly a good enough idea, and there's elements of a really smart character study here, but it just doesn't really work because of its pacing and structure. The film certainly benefits from a solid central performance from Michael Cudlitz, who does pull the role well. He is someone who's fighting the urge to lash out at the world, at least until the ending where you see just how depraved this man really is, and seeing that struggle within him is pretty interesting because of Cudlitz's performance. He tries to connect to someone in the real world, in the form of Betsy, played by Griffith. It goes about as unsuccessful as you would imagine for someone who can't get sexually aroused by women and, in some way, actively hates them. He pushes her away and treats her like crap. It's kinda sad how Betsy, and Griffith does a good job at making her empathetic, puts her last ounce of faith in such a dangerous and violent man. The last act of the film is fairly violent and graphic, perhaps needlessly so, but I think it illustrates just how depraved Jim's mind truly was. The twist of the film comes in the fact that what you see in the movie isn't the first time this has happened. Jim has gone around the country, visiting places where tragedies happen, and gone on to murder a transvestite prostitute in each state. This was his way of being remembered and obsessed over, the same way he obsessed every murderer and the crimes they committed. He feels that this is his own way of making a mark in this world. I realize it all sounds good when going over it, but the movie never really clicked as a character study for me. I don't really know what it is to be honest. It's certainly not the violence, as The Raid 2 was more violent than this and it's my favorite movie of the year, along with the Lego Movie, it's just that the examination of this character just feels a little bit forced. I don't blame Michael Cudlitz for this as, I believe, he had no involvement in the writing of the film. He's just acting out what was given to him. And he does a good enough job, I just think the film was needlessly ugly at times. Almost like it was going for shock value instead character development. The film is certainly slow moving as well and this film is only 80 minutes long, less if you count the credits. So I think a combination of that and the script being concerned more with shock value than actual character development leaves this film almost in a state of limbo. It's not good, but it's not horrifically terrible in the least. I'd say this film, while I didn't think it was great, is worth at least a watch so people can come up with their own conclusions and opinions about the film. It's not something I would strongly recommend, but I think it at least offers something interesting to watch, even if it's not a good movie.
August 20, 2014
This is the type of film that starts well, intriguing, paced and very precise with it's colors, texture and camera angles. Technically it's a good film, very well made. Where the film sinks, it's when the story unfold and suddenly it start to feel a little off and goes on to become something quite vague and unclear. The lead actor is terrific and can hold anything on his shoulders that's for sure. Melanie Griffith brings a nice touch of felinity & lightness in this otherwise gritty film where nothing is really appealing. The whole film smells like cheap motels and hooker's life which of course accentuate the oppressive atmosphere wished by the director.
Overall it's a nice exercise of style but the substance is not being handled too well and the film finishes by losing the interest of it's audience. Deserves a viewing for the style but lots of people will be rebuked by the total absence of moral from the film and the poor last twist. too bad it could have been a Hitchcockian film but it fall far from it.
July 26, 2014
Melanie Griffith was really likeable in this one.
½ May 14, 2014
The sloooow burn erupts in a sea of violence yet even with the story matter and the broody emotional storm the payoff seems blahhhhhhh.
½ March 27, 2014
About as popular as a wet fart in church!
½ February 16, 2014
This has to be one of the worst movies i have seen ever in my entire life so far.
Dark Tourist is about a abuse survivor that goes on a holiday after working and the place he goes is to cities that other murders crimes have occurred.
This is a very dark movie that does explain the murders side very well in regards to the level of trauma he had gone through and why he is doing what he is doing. I do not in anyway agree with the action at all.
This movie is crap in all the sense of the word crap.
Give your soul a miss on this one and what Shrek or something.
How they got the money to produce such garbage is beyond me.
Melanie Griffith plays in this movie but i think to myself did she not get a better offer if she is not getting good movie offers she needs to change her agent cause this is crap.
February 14, 2014
Typtical, slow moving, character driven, psychological thriller. Nothing new or exciting here.
February 9, 2014
zzzzz.....only woke up to see the transsexual doing tricks. Making a movie based on the premise that the abused always turns into the abuser is bad to begin with, but to do it with a character you feel no empathy/sympathy for & to exploit moments of his madness & violent streaks is just bad. From this void of a movie there is no return!
½ October 7, 2013
Powerful performance from the underrated Cudlitz highlights this slow burning thriller...
October 2, 2013
"Dark Tourist" takes an effectively unpleasant trip down the lost highway of a morbid mind before its bad choices start catching up with it. I say SKIP IT!!!
August 31, 2013
I LOVE MIchael Cudlitz!!! This movie is very disturbing as you watch Michael's character unravel. Great performance by Michael and Melanie Griffith.
August 25, 2013
Interesting psycho-sexual drama that even though it moves at it's own pace still weaves a spell that keeps the imagination on curiosity alert. Good turns and magnetic storytelling, though not for all....
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