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August 4, 2015
Not as good as the first one.
July 29, 2015
With unremarkable script writing and acting scattered everywhere in the plot, lacking the same smart jokes and comedy as well as any new ideas other than repeating much of the 1st film's structure and thus leaving no structure for surprise or any plot points that are based more on "spilled milk" unfixable damage rather than unexplained events, Hangover 2 isn't as entertaining as Hangover 1.
½ July 27, 2015
Are sequels ever better than the originals, well, in my opinion there have been a few (Terminator 2, American Pie 2, Home Alone 2). This possibly may be added to the list "MAY BE" because this is definitely very funny, but the debate as to whether it is better to me is because when I saw the first one, I seen it about 2 weeks after it's release and heard a lot of people saying it's "the funniest movie ever". Now, when I saw it, i laughed, but I don't feel it was the funniest ever because maybe that's what i was expecting. With this one, I only heard very little feedback, almost none, so I had a little more of an open mind, and it didn't disappoint. Sure, it is pretty much the exact same movie over again, but it worked and that is all that matters. A definite must see for fans of the 1st one or new viewers that want to laugh.
½ July 27, 2015
Not as good as the first, but still very watchable and stupidly funny...if you liked the first one you won't be too disappointed!
½ July 25, 2015
A shameful carbon copy of the original, The Hangover Part II lacks the originality that made the first one so great, though it's still sort of enjoyable
July 13, 2015
Better than the first.
June 21, 2015
I knew I had been duped when the first half hour consisted of a complete recap of the original movie, along with many of the same jokes verbatim. This was painful to watch.
June 14, 2015
The worst of the three in my opinion but it's a decently funny film which did a fairly credible job at trying to follow up The Hangover
½ June 13, 2015
"There's a reason why they call it Bangkok honey."
June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015
Not as good as the original but it's still great to follow the Wolfpac on these misadventures through Bangkok.
June 7, 2015
awful, not as good as the first
June 4, 2015
This is most i have ever seen a movie take ideas from the first movie. Did everybody really need to figure out what happened to the Wolfpack that we needed a Part 2? Let me start off by saying I Laughed at least one or two times.The Funniest Part is what actually saves this movie from being total shit.I wont say it but what happens to Stu [Not face Tatto] Is VERY VERY Clever. Nothing Changes when people say its the first movie they actually mean its the first movie Almost Shot by Shot.Even Most music is Reused by the same people. What you thought about the first movie is what you will think of the this it is excatly the same this was rushed just for Box Office Money. Even Alan Manages to drug them again which is stupid, why would he do that again.
June 3, 2015
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June 2nd 2015
May 28, 2015
The Hangover Part II pulls a Home Alone 2 by giving the characters the exact same story - except in a different setting. Home Alone 2 was able to work tremendously thanks to its beautiful cinematography, increased humor, and the holiday emotion. The Hangover Part II places the characters in an ugly setting mixed with aggravating jokes and a sense of defeat all the way through. There's highlights here and there that don't make it completely unbearable...but it doesn't even come close to matching the first installment.
½ May 23, 2015
like most sequels fails to impress
½ May 23, 2015
like most sequels fails to impress
½ May 17, 2015
Woah, what a terrible story! Very creepy. I did not see the first one but I hoped to find some goodiness in there. Some funny jokes, some predictable bits. Many unlikely events, like an animated film for adults. Beautiful area though. The photo sequence at the end is hilarious. Also, this film is homer sexual.
½ May 17, 2015
More of the same from the first movie. Sophomoric and funny. Not setting any new standards for cinema, but a good time.

May 16, 2015
There is still entertainment in the idiocity of the blundering trio regardless of the entirely recycled premise.
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