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June 19, 2015
It's just smart enough to fully enjoy. It's a sweet movie.
June 14, 2014
A unique and quirkily entertaining film. The problem is that Paul Gordon brings this realistic story to a totally unrealistically contrite "wrap-up" ending. The last ten minutes of this film almost ruin it. But, this is a film well worth watching. All of the performances are top notch -- particularly Johnny Mars' portrayal of the gentle-hearted stoner boy.
½ October 5, 2013
Happy Poet seems to stretch in some scenes but if you stick with it, it's a refreshing life achievement film.
September 29, 2013
On a positive note, the poem "Chasm" was worth rewinding to hear a a half dozen times or so. Otherwise, a pointless, crappy movie with boring actors playing bored (and boring) roles. Cannot fathom the intelligently dearth vacuum of the minds of those rating this film in the 70% range. Huh?
½ September 17, 2010
between a 6/10 and 7/10, the smiley ending, most likely meant to be ironic, feels tacked on. But the consistent comic tone of those earlier scenes--a gentle squirm--makes The Happy Poet a promising debut.
September 22, 2011
It's got a very dry sense of humor and because of this it'll be a very hit or miss movie, but either way it's definitely got some funny memorable lines.
April 2, 2012
Loved it. Says a lot about running a small business. And life.
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