The Haunting of Sharon Tate

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate dishonors the events it seeks to dramatize with a poorly acted and offensively exploitative take on real-life tragedy.



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Based on one of Hollywood's most chilling murder cases, this spellbinding thriller follows 26-year-old actress Sharon Tate (Hilary Duff), a rising star about to have her first baby with her husband, director Roman Polanski. Plagued by terrifying premonitions, Sharon sees her worst nightmares come to life with the appearance of Charles Manson and his deadly cult.

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  • Jul 28, 2019
    I thought everyone already decided Hilary Duff isn't allowed to act anymore? It's only natural that the mouseketeer eventually escapes the horrors of the Disney channel for greener pastures, like portraying famous murder victim Sharon Tate. The Tate murders were 50 years ago this August, and independent filmmakers have been making the most of the tragedy with several films over the last year. Besides Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we had one of Mark Kermode's least favorite films of last year Wolves at the Door, Charlie Says with Dr. Who as Charlie Manson, and then this unnecessary thing called The Haunting of Sharon Tate. If Blumhouse productions wanted to option a sensationalized depiction of the Tate murders complete with idiotic jump scares, I doubt it would be as inventively boneheaded as this one. One would think the biggest problem is that it takes this tragedy and turns it into a popcorn flick, but it also takes a somewhat poignant look at Tate's wistful optimism and burgeoning career then tries to turn it all into a sPoOkY gHoSt StOrY. This could be an interesting experiment in tone, but then they decide to literally go into an alternate dimension of poor taste where Tate and her fellow victims escape captivity and brutally kill the Manson cult assailants, and everyone is happy in the end. I mean, there's exploitation, and then there's just shitting all over the memory of the deceased, and this movie definitely crosses that line. It would be totally egregious if it were made long ago, but I guess they thought 50 years was enough wait to capitalize on the tragedy. Just baffling. Anyway, it somehow won best director, best actress, and best horror movie at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. I'm guessing there weren't any other movies in competition this year.
    Steve L Super Reviewer

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