The Hawk Is Dying Reviews

May 4, 2007
Goldberger and Giamatti strain too hard for strangeness.
May 4, 2007
These strengths seldom mesh persuasively.
April 5, 2007
The Hawk Is Dying is a fragile little movie, occasionally ridiculous, but with M. Night Shyamalan's Lady In The Water, Giamatti proved that he can make even the weirdest material believable.
April 2, 2007
Imagine an entire film infected with hangdog sensibility, unrelieved by humor or narrative interest, and you have The Hawk Is Dying.
Top Critic
March 31, 2007
For performing half this film with a predatory bird perched and flapping angrily on his arm, Paul Giamatti deserves some sort of award.
March 30, 2007
Not an easy movie to watch, and it's far from perfect -- but it does have an artsy integrity and a fascinatingly intense performance by Paul Giamatti.
March 30, 2007
Goldberger's stubbornly insular script might have fared better on stage, where the story would feel more contained than suffocating.
March 29, 2007
There's enough worthwhile labor expended, especially by the powerful cast, to make Hawk Is Dying difficult to dismiss, even when it's hard to take.
March 27, 2007
I'd rather watch Goldberger fail than a hundred others succeed.
January 26, 2006
Loaded with obtuse symbolism, the film is not only hard to understand, it isn't much fun trying to figure it out.
January 23, 2006
Performers capable of exquisite work elsewhere are undirected here.