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The Heartbreak Kid Quotes

  • Doc: Remember, this is the Bible Belt. These people have guns.

  • Eddie Cantrow: Hey, Martin!
    Martin: Hello, asshole.
    Eddie Cantrow: Great to see you too!

  • Doc: Come on, kid, let's get out of here. Bitches are crazy, you know that.

  • Martin: Miranda, we are ready to play Parcheesi!

  • Uncle Tito: (repeated line) Screw off! I'm joking, man!
    Uncle Tito: Screw off! I'm joking, man!

  • Lila: Oh Grouchy Marx, calm down.

  • Mac: Happy wife, happy life!

  • Martin: I smell somethin' weird down here. Smells like ya'll been hittin' the Devil's lettuce.

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