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October 9, 2016
Mellisa McCarthys best movie yet
½ October 8, 2016
Chicks with guns, don't mess with them
September 9, 2016
Overall a light-hearted entertainer. Has a few good funny moments and is good for evening in to chill and not worry too much about the plot
½ September 8, 2016
really original and funny
½ September 4, 2016
Formulaic and unoriginal but funny nevertheless.
September 4, 2016
The Heat is neither funny or interesting in any senses.
September 2, 2016
one of those one-view movies that you otherwise use as background noise for your cats so they dont feel lonely when you're at work.
Super Reviewer
August 20, 2016
I was expecting this McCarthy-Bullock flick to be a raunchy farce, but it's actually a pretty solid buddy-cop movie about friendship, ethics, and redemption.
August 17, 2016
It was good by the way the movie is the heat
August 17, 2016
This one ended up becoming the movie "The Heat"

I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray
August 16, 2016
A fun entertaining buddy cop comedy for what it is, but some of the characters feel too over the top or cartoony and sometimes the plot takes itself too seriously for its own good.
½ August 14, 2016
Not my type of comedy, but good for the genre
August 13, 2016
Stupid. It's watchable tho and you'll get a few laughs.
August 8, 2016
I don't get why any one would think that this is a good movie. The jokes are just not funny, like Melissa McCarthy, in every one of her movies. This is just another boring try-hard 'comedy' that makes me question my place on this Earth.
August 2, 2016
Melisa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock make an interesting team, although they're not always that funny. The dialogue is so raw with foul language that it left my ears burning, which may be the reason why it's called "The Heat". Not as good as "Spy", which my favorite McCarthy film.
July 30, 2016
One of my favorite movies. I use lines from this movie all the time. Are you, or are you not a narc!?
July 25, 2016
I Think I Accidentally Saw Dirty Version of this movie.

Score: 3.5/10
July 24, 2016
Perfect pairing between McCarthy and Bullock. So many hysterical scenes! Can watch again and again!
July 15, 2016
this movie made me laugh so hard i couldn't stop it was total powerful classical movie since 2013 i got it on dvd
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