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September 21, 2015
Pretty decent flick with insane locations and lots of action.The movie is quite entertaining although the plot is a little ambitious.
½ July 20, 2015
Why we don't have more speed boats on the Croatian coast in more action movies is beyond me.
½ June 7, 2015
I prefer the first movie from the second this movie has a sense of humour which cuts in nicely with the action.
December 19, 2014
The story of an indestructible man. Enjoyable though.
August 3, 2014
Deviates from the original graphic novel in several important ways, particularly characters. That being said, this is an action movie with intrigue, twists and exciting scenes. The lead whilst not looking like the graphic character at all is charismatic and believable.
May 3, 2014
Much better than I expected. Good story.
April 13, 2014
Pleasantly surprised by this movie. I had never heard of it. A little like a bond movie, lots of twists to the who done it.
Super Reviewer
½ December 28, 2013
I somewhat enjoyed this. It had it's moments of fun, intrigue, and action. Some scenes seemed to be cut in an odd way. The storyline was a little odd, also....maybe it's a French thing.
½ December 23, 2013
Twisty action corporate conspiracy movie based on a popular Belgian comic series. The movie is nothing special.
November 5, 2013
I'd never heard of the graphic novel of the same name before, but halfway the movie I thought this would probably work ok in that medium. As a film it falls very short as the characters are boring, the actors are too plain, the storyline is predictable, and the action scenes, this movie's bread and butter you'd think, are just not very impressive or entertaining. On top of that we get strange linguistic oddities like corrupt Brazilian police officers with dreadlocks in the Brazilian Amazon who can address the hero in perfect French. For those who did not already know Scott Thomas was going to be the baddie from the moment she enters the frame the first time, back to spyfilmschool with you.
August 13, 2013
Fortunately for the company, Largo turns out to be a formidable knife fighter in the corporate sense; fortunately for this sleek, empty thriller, he turns out to be a formidable knife fighter in the street sense too.
June 7, 2013
2/5 --- Meh, a movie that took me 3 consecutive nites to finish, yes it was that tedious. Ok the movie has alot of action sequences, running chasing guns knives etc, but it's based on an almost plausible plot with the main character Largo (stranglely handsomish German actor Tomer Sisley) in a ridiculous plot that has him doing all sorts of weird things to seek revenge. Should've been an enjoyable fun movie, but turned out to be a vacant story with no emotion, wheels turning but running on automatic. Even had Kristen Scott Thomas...didnt help. Even a foreign movie...didnt help. Oh well.
½ April 17, 2013
James Bond like, but less fantasy and more reality.
February 19, 2013
Great story, awesome cinematography
February 17, 2013
Great movie, thrilling, intricate plot.. Netflix streaming--highly recommended!
½ February 17, 2013
très différent du roman, de la BD et de la série tv. mal ficeler et très décevant
January 18, 2013
A very interesting film with some good twits.
½ January 8, 2013
Netflix thought I'd like this story about Largo Winch better than I did, but Tomas Sisley was a fresh new talent to meet. I generally almost always love French films, but this film is unlike most of them. It was set in Croatia and Hong Kong -- beautiful locales where you expect beautiful cinematography, but that wasn't so. And the character development that I love the French for was also not there. Perhaps they hoped to start a series, like James Bond, but the direction and the screenplay just wasn't there.
½ December 2, 2012
Comic book adaptation that looks like a French attempt to create James Bond alike series. Doesn't fail miserably but leaves a lot to be desired. Interesting Croatian / Bosnian references ...
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