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      The History of Future Folk Reviews

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      Dec 13, 2022

      Just wonderful. More heart than movies with 100 times greater budgets. Both main characters will pull you in along with the rest of the small cast. A real gem. Watch it before it leaves Netscape.

      Oct 1, 2022

      The History of Future Folk is a fun way to look at humanity from an outsider's point of view. I really enjoyed it.

      Sep 27, 2022

      Couldn't believe they still made movies with heart the way this movie is. This movie has soul and kindness... truly a lost art in Hollywood... This movie made my day and its going to be a classic I will want my children to see and all of my family to watch again someday.

      Mar 24, 2022

      **Mild spoilers.** The best part of this movie was the music. Low, low, LOW budget film, with toothless humor and cheap, ungainly costumes. The two male leads had only to stare into the eyes of the women folk and say a few pretty words and all was forgiven–lying, cheating, assault, and kidnapping. Boys will be boys. The female lead had all the personality of a dish towel, but hey, she's beautiful so of course she's worthy whereas the old bat in the dance studio could be knocked unconscious without another thought. Sexism, ageism, and plot holes galore.

      Mar 15, 2022

      This is a really fun movie, super unworthy of it's TV-14 rating. This makes a great family movie! highly recommend this to all audiences.

      Dec 10, 2021

      A great little film, had me singing and smiling along the whole way

      Nov 29, 2021

      Absolutely delightful. Fun, funny, and wow, such good music. Love that acoustic stuff and that banjo, and Mighty Kevin has a lovely, strong, melodious tenor.

      Jun 22, 2021

      While this film isn't exactly Oscar material... it's fun, different, and uniquely wholesome. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would, what a ride... These two dudes just found a new fan. Hondo!

      Mar 22, 2021

      A quirky movie with catchy tunes, fusing an overall light-hearted sci-fi family story with some more depressing or even creepy vibes.

      Jan 28, 2021

      It's ok, but not really worth the time. I think the band's big NY following swayed the reviews.

      Jan 25, 2021

      You just gotta love a funny, little, musical sci fi film like The History of Future Folk on Netflix. The setup reads: An Alien ordered to colonize earth abandons his mission when he hears music for the first time and is determined to save his adopted planet. Being an avid fan of sci fi, I've endured, even suffered through many a low budget attempt at science fiction where the all the very slooow action takes place in a dark and claustrophobic soundstage masquerading as a spaceship or a warehouse impersonating a lab/outpost on another planet. What makes The History of Future Folk so good is that it makes no attempt to hide its small budget and wears its cheesy costumes and props right there on its sleeve. And that's what makes it so funny. The film never takes itself seriously, but backed by a clever and tight screenplay, the cast of talented actor/musical performers never play it for laughs and are always deadly serious in spite of the ridiculous props, costumes – something crucial to every good comedy. And unlike most indie films, THOFF is never slow. The story and action are a fast-moving train that keeps you amused and delighted until the very end. It's a real gem.

      Jan 25, 2021

      This was a delightfully charming movie that had me smiling and laughing throughout. It had sci-fi, romance, music, drama, and more without overthinking any of it. It proves you don't need a large budget to make a great film. Just a great story and great execution. Wonderful family film !!!

      Jan 9, 2021

      Great little family movie with toe-tapping music.

      Jan 5, 2021

      Quirky, funny, low budget, the most fun movie I've seen in a long time. I suspect that the 2 main actors are more musicians than actors, the songs are pretty good and they are really playing and singing. Some good light-hearted fun.

      Jan 4, 2021

      Near the beginning of this movie the father tells his daughter a story of an alien who comes to Earth with a gun that had a magic potion that would put everyone on Earth to sleep. Now even though the alien fell in love with music so he never used the gun, I do know what he did with the magic potion. He turned it into a movie called The History of Future Folk and sold it to Netflix. Unless you really like banjos this is guaranteed to cure insomnia.

      Jan 3, 2021

      Great story, characters, music & low-budget in all the best ways.

      Sep 8, 2017

      Wicked clever and hilarious. Pinnacle of indie style. It's funny, real, and well made.

      Jun 28, 2017

      The History of Future Folk is apparently a film that shares the backstory of an actual musical comedy duo named Future Folk. There are moments in the film where they are on stage and I think they are performing parts of their real-life act, and it works brilliantly in the context of this movie. The film shows us that all the things audiences have laughed about in their comedy routine are actually what is happening to them. It makes for a great juxtaposition because the main characters are taking everything dead serious, and yet we see the silliness behind it all. The music is great, and it adds to the narrative story as well. The History of Future Folk is also loaded with heart. The characters are sympathetic and you can see General Trius and Kevin’s affection for the women they love, for music, and for Earth in general. The story is silly, but it’s also kind of exciting. There are some tense moments, and I actually started to worry about what would happen. It’s just amazing how they took such a ridiculous concept and managed to get me deeply engaged in the story. The History of Future Folk is a lesser-known movie that I think more people should check out, because it goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a goofy movie based on a stand-up routine.

      Mar 5, 2017

      Surprisingly wonderful and funnny

      Feb 21, 2016

      A quintessential "Netflix Movie". History of Future Folk is a quirky low budget absurdity of a film. It's one of those films that no Hollywood studio would ever pay money to create but that some Indy studio has would pour it's life and soul into. Sadly History of Future leaves the viewer unsatisfied. At least the film isn't quite as bad as the songs it revolves around!

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