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April 20, 2016
This is the type of movie you would actually call Redbox to get your one dollar refunded. Saying this movie is boring is still giving it to much credit. If I could rate this movie a -10 I would. This movie drags on until you want to kill yourself. My girlfriend wanted to watch this movie and had to sit there and watch it with her. When you think the movie is finally over, it's not. It keeps on going and going. Buy this movie as a birthday present if you are trying to piss someone off. Or make your husband watch this movie with you if you want to get him back for something.
April 11, 2016
Freaking love this movie.
April 10, 2016
I love this movie its so romantic and has a lot of drama and twists in.?????????????
March 8, 2016
Never in my life had I fallen asleep in a movie theater; then I watched "The Host."

Worthy of a bad movie night and that's it.
March 5, 2016
I really don't understand how this film has such poor reviews.

I am especially happy about the ending. I didn't want Wanda to have to die. She seemed unlike the other seekers. So, the idea that she saved a human that would have otherwise died was touching. I was happy to see that she still had a chance to stay with the others. I was glad that there were others like her and that there were more human survivors.
February 28, 2016
Book was great. Movie not so much. My favourite scene from the movie was believe it or not the credits.
February 13, 2016
In my opinion I thought it was a really good film I think all of these film critics are to script you have actually hit to listen to the film to get it I thought the film was incredibly magical I loved it
February 9, 2016
Critics sometimes are wrong. This is one of those times. This movie doesn't work as a pure romance and is a little hokey at times but it is a powerful story of a woman's fight to survive and the alien being won over because of it. Well acted by Saoirse Ronan. Don't be turned off by its ties to Twilight. This is not that!
February 9, 2016
I really enjoyed it, more 4 women than men, found it funny in places 2. Worth goin 2 c !
February 5, 2016
While quite different from the book, the movie is equally as enticing!
January 24, 2016
This is Twilight with Invasion of the Body Snatchers with the passing of growing grass in dry weather, all mixed in one.
January 24, 2016
Great movie! One of my favorites!!
January 16, 2016
I want to like it alot as it was a good story. but it was annoying hearing the voice in her head constantly. and another weird live triangle hmmm im just not sure. could have been great but wasnt.
January 4, 2016
The book was SO much better. I feel like it was rushed
½ December 9, 2015
The most disgusting, horribly written both script and story. Stephanie Meyer is a fucking pervert, and seems to be a retard that exploits dumb-ass teenage girls and the director is a dip-shit who can't even direct! Stay the fuck away from science fiction and Vampires!
November 28, 2015
absolutely hilarious would watch again
½ October 22, 2015
I was surprised to find after twilight that I actually really enjoyed this book. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the movie. They skipped over many important scenes, added unnecessary ones and basically just turned a decent story into a mismatch of random scenes focusing mainly on the 'romance' if you could call the shallow relationships portrayed that
½ September 18, 2015
wasted my money going to see this when it came out
½ September 16, 2015
The Host opens and closes with scenes that contain elements of great science fiction. What comes in the middle, unfortunately, is one of the longest, most frustrating films you'll ever experience. This movie is so slow that after a while you become convinced that the movie will go in reverse. Some movies dare you to look away from the screen. This one challenges you to stay awake.

To be sure, the movie has a fantastic premise. Imagine what might happen to humanity after "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ended. Aliens from another world, called "souls," have come to Earth, taken over our bodies, flushed out both our personalities and our emotions and replaced them with their own. Imagine what happens if one operation doesn't go quite right. What might happen if the human personality was still inside a mind that had been replaced?

That is the problem facing an alien host named Wanderer (Saoirse Ronan). She hears a voice in her head, the human voice of the person who previously occupied the body she has been given. The girl inside her mind is named Melanie, who still has memories of her human occupation. Soon those memories are being shared with Wanderer. She keeps this information from her betters and goes on the run. You can already guess their response.

This means we get to sit through a long series of laughable scenes in which actress Saoirse Ronan is forced to spend a lot of time talking to herself. We hear the alien speaking, and then we hear the human voice in her head. This works when she thinks she is about to die, but when Wanderer kisses a guy that Melanie can't stand, it becomes ridiculous. Ronan is a fine actress who has been better elsewhere. Watch her sometime in Hanna and her Oscar nominated performance in Atonement. Here she's a real trooper, pulling off dialogue that is - to put it nicely - utterly ridiculous.

What develops from this plot isn't as ingenious as one might hope. Instead of exploring the possibly of this bizarre situation, The Host becomes one of those old familiar last-hope-for-humanity stories in which characters stand around talking about the situation in long, boring scenes of dialogue that should have remained on the cutting room floor. It opens with an effectively creepy leisure pace but then never picks up any steam. More on the plot will not be revealed here, suffice to say that after that great opening, the rest of the movie just kind of coasts.

"The Host" was written and directed by Andrew Niccol who has a talent for creating smart, inventive stories about people trapped by their circumstances. He wrote the great Gattaca (1997) about a natural-born man trapped in a world of synthetic humans. He wrote The Truman Show (1998), about a man trapped in his own reality show. He made Lord of War (2005), about a man who confronts the moral implications of the international arms deals that he puts into motion.

Niccol has some of those inspirations here but he is at the mercy of a script based on a book by Stephanie Meyers the popular writer of the "Twilight" series. Meyer is not a good writer, her works seem dumbed down for easy reading rather than pumped up for effect. This film, as with "Twilight", is tilted toward something meaningful he can't seem to get the movie out of first gear. All of the characters look alike, talk alike, sound alike. They stand around and have long boring conversations about the same thing over and over and over and over. It's like the movie had a great launch and then spent the rest of its time driving around in a circle. The ideas are there, but they just never come to life.
September 13, 2015
Goes along with movies like the Giver or divergent.I don't know maybe im wrong. I thought it was a pretty cool movie that's definatly worth seeing for sure.
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