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      The House of the Devil Reviews

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      Apr 28, 2023

      Extremely slow movie for about 10 minutes of suspense at the end. Coming from the same guy that made VHS though, couldn't expect a lot.

      Apr 28, 2023

      Ti West just doesn't do it for me with horror movies. Would rather watch paint dry.

      Jan 9, 2023

      70s and 80s horror homage, worth an hour and a half of your time, but it doesn't bring anything new to the table.

      Jan 6, 2023

      After watching X and Pearl, I was very excited to dive deeper into Ti West's filmography, unfortunately for me this one does not live up to the hype. This movie has a very old school feel to it, giving me flashbacks to the original Halloween and Friday the 13th with its film quality, atmosphere, and audio effects/music. I really enjoyed this aspect, and it left me feeling somewhat nostalgic. These feelings did not carry over to the rest of the film. I thought the plot was fine, although the main characters incredibly stupid decisions were the catalyst for the entire story. This is fine in slashers or an action horror film as the kills are what you are there for, but with this it felt cheap and left me unsatisfied. The movie lingers on scenes all too often, resulting in a very slow pace. I understand these long-drawn-out sequences were supposed to build tension, but it was not effective, and left be bored. I really wanted to enjoy this more than I did and unfortunately the best I can give this is an average rating. Score: 51% Verdict: Average

      Nov 21, 2022

      Atmospheric, slow-burning, visceral and headed by a very powerful cast, especially the horror icon Tom Noonan. Ti West really outdid himself with this one.

      Oct 26, 2022

      Before his acclaimed "X" trilogy, whereas Ti West has full command of craftsmanship to creatively embrace previously acclaimed styles, this is considerably an accessible breakthrough that introduced his definitive style. Agreeably a nice throwback while narratively, by probable recognition, unique as the slow burn pacing puts you on suspense stemmed from generic expectation experienced through the genre's many duds which could be the reason why this got critically acclaimed albeit the familiar themes being replayed but expressed rather refreshingly. Of course what doesn't change unpleasantly is the obligation to get all gory when the shock can still be retained as effective but without the disturbing sight. (Before gores were allowed to be graphically shown, how many horror films managed to go around without such explicit detail and managed to maintain the storytelling rate?). Doesn't scare, but shock and disturb, whilst rewarded over the stylish throwback as a debatable contribution amidst the genre's mixed directional tactics. (B)

      Oct 21, 2022

      Tom Noonan is wasted in this. It's too slow regardless of the ending

      Oct 19, 2022

      You know, I liked it.. I like the concept, the acting, the atmosphere and the ending. But a lot of what I guess you would call the buildup and suspense was honestly just a bit boring, sorry to say!

      Oct 14, 2022

      PSA: this movie was such a waste of time that I created a rotten tomatoes acct to leave this review. Slog through 1.5 hours of pointless setup with no payoff. Feels like a mediocre art school project, do not bother

      Sep 29, 2022

      Nice to see movies shot on actual film. Love seeing Mary Woronov and Tom Noonan. I saw the ending coming miles away but still a nice watch.

      Sep 25, 2022

      I ain't into demonic rituals but $400 is $400. After being pleased-but-not-blown-away by both The Innkeepers and X, I was beginning to wonder if I just didn't jive with Ti West's directorial style, until I watched the The House of the Devil. There is a similar influence from genre classics in all of his work, along with a preference for period settings and slower pacing that builds to an ultimate crescendo, but here it all seems to come together more organically and with greater reward. Most of the runtime is an exercise in gradually increasing tension, with a series of visual clues that go from mildly suspicious, to off-putting, and ultimately to darkly prophetic. The moments of everyday activity are punctuated by brief shots of extreme violence that catch you off-guard. Though the ultimate payoff or reveal doesn't really break new ground in horror, the steps that we take to get there are done with such solid pacing and structure that it doesn't really matter. Liked the grainy film quality and the old-school credit styles that bookend the film, nice touch to the period vibe. (3.5/5)

      Aug 22, 2022

      6 years ago- Living and dying on paranoia, this throwback to 80s horror lives on suspense until a brilliantly bloody third act.

      Aug 15, 2022

      A proper ode that 70's horror fans will appreciate due to the solid characters, retro atmosphere, and ultimately the dark finale that results from building up suspense the old-fashioned way.

      Jul 19, 2022

      Great slow burn. The use of 16mm film, low-fi audio and retro styles like camera angles and such really make it feel like an 80's horror film. It seems like for over 10 minutes in the film nothing at all happens while she explores the house, which is refreshing compared to the frantic pace of modern films. I'm usually exhausted with the epic adventure most characters take, barely able to keep track of all the events, so the "less is more" trick really worked here.

      Jul 11, 2022

      So slow and pointless. I signed up just to give this review. At multiple points I wished I could murk this dumb babysitter. I held on to the end hoping for something interesting, but no they just had to poop the bed.

      Jun 11, 2022

      Certainly a hidden gym! I give it a 7/10. Really fun movie and one that I recommend on a lonely night!

      May 26, 2022

      Boring. First hour nothing happens. Takes forever till something starts happening and when it does its not even that great, pretty lame. Story is NOT original. Not scary at all just a lot of your time wasted. BORING.

      Mar 18, 2022

      A college student answers a babysitting ad only to find its not exactly the job she expected. Ti West wrote and directed this throwback horror flick that looks like it was made in the late seventies early eighties. The filming style itself is reason enough to seek this out. However this is a top notch horror film which has a satisfying slow burn leading up to an intense climax. Love this movie.

      Mar 16, 2022

      The only Ti West movie that's any good, and it's just barely-passing-grade good.

      Feb 16, 2022

      Modern but old. It is delightfully retro and done to perfection. No CGI! Sound design wasn't that interesting. It was clear and classic in style but not as dynamic as I would like. Got a similar feel to Drag Me to Hell (2009) in the retro story way but this one is much more brooding. Occasionally it was a little slow but not a big issue. There's nothing homeless about this. See what I did there. Anyway cute girl and good film in hell. Retro films are the best. They work so well and are so enjoyable.

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