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Five Favorite Films with Liam Hemsworth

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If things had gone just a little differently for young Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, it might have been his steely grip -- as opposed to that of his brother Chris, who ultimately got the role -- clasping the hammer of Thor. At the same time, if things had gone just a little differently, he also might not have worked on The Last Song, the Nicholas Sparks adaptation in which Liam starred opposite his girlfriend-to-be, Miley Cyrus. The youngest of three Hemsworth brothers -- actors all -- 22-year-old Liam decided to pursue acting at 16 and, after a few stints on Australian television, made the leap to Hollywood in 2009. Though his career has thus far been somewhat overshadowed by those of his brother and famous significant other, this week he embarks on an epic new adventure as one of the central characters in The Hunger Games, which will certainly thrust him into the spotlight. RT spoke with Liam recently about his involvement in the film, his strong family ties, his favorite actors, and the career he'd like to craft for himself, but before we get into all that, here are Liam Hemsworth's Five Favorite Films:Back to Article