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½ January 7, 2015
This was a better than average TV movie (Lifetime) about the hunt for the I-5 serial killer. Its based on a true story (and book) and centers on a detective from Salem, Oregon who connected the numerous murders and sexual assaults along interstate 5 which runs through California, Washington and Oregon. John Corbett plays detective Dave Kominek and he does a decent enough job, I've always liked him ever since I first saw him back in Northern Exposure and of course Sex & The City.

The manhunt takes over a year and for the first half of the movie the viewer doesn't know who the killer is. You are given a couple of suspects but just see a guy in a hoodie with a bandage over his nose going about his business of raping and shooting random women. Its pretty violent but not graphic. Towards the end we get to see his face and then follow him as he tries to evade police.

One of the first victims shown in the movie manages to survive her horrific ordeal with two gunshot wounds to her head. Her character ends up playing a large role and the story focuses heavily on her relationship with the detective. (Sara Canning) does a great job as 'Beth' and I appreciated how they took the time to show the physiological damage she faced after. Ultimately Beth is instrumental in the capture of the killer.
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½ May 29, 2013
Very scary. Glad he was really caught!
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