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The Huntsman: Winter's War Quotes

  • Ravenna: Learn from a loss Freya, and your day will come. Your possibilities will be endless once the magic awakens in your heart.
    Freya: It won't. We both know it won't, I'm not like you.
    Ravenna: All the women of our blood are gifted Freya, and in time, you will find the source of your power as i found mine.
    Freya: We'll see.

  • Freya: Your turn.
    Ravenna: Why should I bother? You always win.
    Freya: You always let me win.
    Ravenna: *laughs* I suppose you are my weakness.
    Ravenna: I suppose you are my weakness.

  • Freya: [to Sara and The Huntsman] How lucky you are...
    Freya: How lucky you are...

  • Ravenna: Have you lost your mind?
    Freya: How did you make me strong? How did you draw the weakness out?

  • The Huntsman: Love does not make you weak. It's all that ever gave you strength.

  • The Huntsman: Im sorry. I'm so sorry.
    Sara: Stand or fall, together.

  • Ravenna: I shall give this wretched world the queen it deserves!

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