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½ July 21, 2014
I wanted to punch myself in the face for much of the run-time of the 3 Jacques Tati films I watched a few years ago, so this was sort of a painful reminder, but it is boosted at times by a slightly less whimsical atmosphere. Then it starts getting super-depressing when, say, the spooky-clown is attempting to hang himself.
½ July 18, 2014
You say Pixar, I say "The Illusionist".
½ April 20, 2014
Die Story war leider zu lahm
April 11, 2014
Well, I liked it. Be forewarned, however, this isn't some kids movie.
½ April 4, 2014
Sylvain Chomet is proving to be the best and most creative mind in animation today. After creating the best animated feature of all time, he returns with The Illusionist, which is a very mature animated film. The Illusionist doesn't succumb to any clichés of fairy-tale endings and the same formula, but instead brings new life to animation with its original form of animation and its engaging story. While The Illusionist does fall inferior to the Triplets of Belleville, it is undoubtedly one of the best movies of 2010
April 4, 2014
The Illusionist [2010] well made; just disappointed in its slow pace at making its point in magic VS reality, new replacing old & goodwill.
½ March 9, 2014
Soulful, slow paced and elegantly beautiful, this is not something for children, the regrettably limited target group for animation these days. Almost devoid of dialogues, but holds true to the adage that every picture tells a thousand stories.
February 23, 2014
Como contar una gran historia, sin decir una sola palabra.
½ February 14, 2014
I didn't like the ending
½ January 20, 2014
Con menos reconocimiento que las trillizas de Belleville, pero infinitamente mejor, el ilusionista es la historia de un rutero mago venido a menos, condenado a mostrar su arte en escenarios de poca monta. En uno de sus viajes a Escocia conoce a Alice, una niña que viene a modificar por completo su vida, de tal forma que mutuamente se llevan a nuevos mundos. Muy recomendable.
January 5, 2014
Stunning old school animation...plays like a Euro artsy melodrama with real emotional depth for smart kids...loved it
December 14, 2013
The most visually beautiful film I have ever seen. The design of the characters and portrayed world resembles the aesthetics of the Disney classic "101 Dalmatians" and all of the European drawing and art style. And the animation? It's as well crafted as the films and shorts from the Gold Age Era of Animation. It's like if the Nine Old Men themselves were brought back to life. And the story reminds us that magic is a power which belongs to men, talented and good men.
December 9, 2013
A pleasant animated film, set in beautiful Scotland. My comparatively low rating is because this genre of film is not exactly my cup of tea, but if you are a fan of animation with little dialogue, you will likely love this film.

It tells the story of a French illusionist, struggling to find audiences big enough to pay for the venues he performs at. He is forced to take on extra jobs at night. While performing on a remote Scottish island, he befriends a young woman, who speaks only Gaelic! The two connect and she joins the illusionist as he moves on to Edinburgh to perform his show. He buys the girl very expensive gifts, which he really cannot afford, as she believes he is "conjuring" them into existence.

The film is beautifully animated and is certainly one to see, particularly for fans of the art of animation.
½ November 23, 2013
one of the most beautiful animation i have ever watched.
a quite depressing yet so wonderful and touching story about a man who fought and struggled to exist but yet had to accept that he couldn't fight time..... anicca
November 9, 2013
A beautify animated sad tale which always make me cry.
October 31, 2013
A semi-silent film yet it conveys a wonderful and thought-provoking story, beautifully told in a hand-drawn animation. The simplicity of this film adds depth to its message.
Super Reviewer
October 19, 2013
A magician and a cleaning girl travel and attempt to make a life at his dying art.
Predominantly silent, this animated film has moments of charm, but mostly its slow pace and lack of substance makes for a dull time. The final moment, with the illusionist's self-abnegation, wreaks of over-sentimentality, and while I might attempt to identify with it, I do so in only most maudlin way.
Artistically, the animation is anti-realistic and cartoonish. It's hard to take the themes as seriously as the director would wish considering how the medium is the message in this case.
Overall, though it might strike a few fancies, mine is not one of them.
½ October 8, 2013
A relatively slow film with layered animated work which requires close inspection and with two leads not particularly likeable. Definitely not as important as "Les Triplettes De Belleville" but still worthwhile.
½ September 16, 2013
En esta epoca dominada por la animacíon 3D y la esteroscopia digital, el director Sylvain Chomet (Triplets from Velleville) y el actor y comediante Jacques Tati (guionista de la pelicula, que segun fuentes cercanas, la historia esta inspirada en una carta de amor enviada por su hija, y su vivencia como mimo) nos presentan este drama animado que narra los viajes de un mago en decadencia quien conoce una niña que piensa que el es un mago de verdad.
A diferencia de las trillizas de Velleville, la bella y detallada animación esta vez es un poco mas seria y con poco humor crudo, el uso del sonido es totalmente detallado y muy bien cuidado, sorprendentes paisajes en 2D y muy detallada animación, con una historia que carece de dialogos o conversaciones clave ( al final ni los necesita para que entiendas la pelicula) lo cual hace que te concentres mas en sus acciones (tambien da un suspiro ante tanta pelicula actual con conversaciones innecesarias, que quieren parecer cada vez mas algo hecho por Tarantino), The iillusionist puede no ser del agrado de algunos por su calmado ritmo y silencio entre personajes, pero para mi es un maravilloso trabajo que nos vofetea en la cara al publico, a Disney, Dreamworks, Hollywood y al mundo, mientras les grita a todo pulmón "la animación tradicional sigue viva"
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