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September 11, 2017
It's silly and there are some holes, but it has a charm and I liked it. Don Knotts was perfect. 6.4 out of 10
July 25, 2017
Great movie
Loved it as a lad and still do
November 24, 2016
There is something fishy about this... Oh, yeah - the cartoon character that Knotts voices. A must-watch family film.
June 2, 2016
good movie made me think of joining the navy
March 26, 2016
Corny as hell, but not as bad as I thought.
½ March 9, 2016
A great movie for families. It's Don Knotts. If you like any of his work, including the Andy Griffith show, this is a good movie. I grew up watching this, so I may have rose tinted glasses about it, but as long as my little one likes it, I'm watching it with her.
½ December 21, 2014
A really freaking weird movie. Unintentionally creepy and absurd.... very different that's for sure. A man turned into a fish and is helping find nazi subs? If you think that'll be can check it out once... only if you are very I was
December 6, 2014
The most powerful WWII tale of heroism ever committed to screen! Okay, not really, but Don Knotts plays the nebbish Mr. Limpet who want to join the military to help the war effort, but is 4F. He also has a lifelong love with fish and longs to be one. One day he gets his wish and becomes an animated fish who, along with the help of Navy buddy Jack Weston, then helps to destroy the German U-boat fleet. It's an entertaining enough of children's film and it's one that blew my mind as a child. It doesn't quite hold up today as being quite as mind-blowing, but Knotts and Weston are very likable and it's solid family entertainment.
½ August 31, 2014
One of the worst movies I have EVER seen!
July 27, 2014
(First and only viewing - 9/7/2010)
June 13, 2014
A very strange premise--bookkepper turns into animated fish with booming fish call to hunt down Nazi's as strange as it sounds. Charming for young kids if you can ignore all the depth charges and U-boat deaths. Launched Knotts into film, last Warner Brothers animation studio film.
April 30, 2014
April 28, 2014
Directed by Arthur Lubin, (Buck Privates (1941) and Phantom of the Opera (1943)), and based on Theodore Pratt's 1942 book of the same name. This half animated/half live action adventure has a lot of good imagination on display, and while it may look a bit twee and cutesy now, it's still a good film. It has an enjoyable charm, but it is clearly a product of it's time, and proud of it. In September 1941, shy, hen-pecked bookkeeper Henry Limpet (Don Knotts) loves fish, and he wanted to join the Navy, but he is rejected, and his friend George Stickle (Jack Weston) joins up. While wandering round Coney Island, Henry falls into the water, and he finds himself transforming into a fish and has to adjust to his new life. Believing Henry is dead, George marries Henry's wife Bessie (Carole Cook). Meanwhile, under the sea, Henry falls for Ladyfish (Elizabeth MacRae). Then America enters World War 2, and Limpet finds himself being a very useful asset to the Navy, helping them find Nazi submarines, and he brings George in to help out. It's a film which has a good central idea, and while it comes out well on screen and is only just over 90 mins, it somehow feels longer, despite the best efforts of everyone on board. Knotts is a likeable presence, but you leave this film sort of wishing there had been more of Knotts in live action over animation.
½ November 22, 2013
One of my favorite movies growing up. Loved the original story and superb animation.
½ November 3, 2013
I was only 2 when this came out and I so wanted to be a fish.
September 14, 2013
OMG!!! I JUST READ THAT WARNER BROTHERS HAVE SETTLED ON ZACH WHATS HIS NAME TO PLAY HENRY LIMPET IN THE MR. LIMPET REMAKE. WTH?!?!?! I really need to be casting ALL of HOLLYWOOD. I can think of ONE MUCH MUCH MUCH better actor for the part and several others that would be better. Warner Brothers doesn't know what the hell they're doing.
June 21, 2013
Its way too weird and pretty bad. Nice try, Warner bros!
½ April 13, 2013
A film that caters mostly to the younger audience, but it is the first feature film to really successfully utilize the animated-live action character interactions. Which makes it technologically accomplished for its time.
March 5, 2013
I'd still have to say that the greatest stand-alone Don Knotts picture is "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken". I figured this was going to be more a Don Knotts Little Mermaid affair. In which eighty percent of the movie was animated, where the first 15 minutes and last 15 minutes were live action. Sort of what "The Pagemaster" would do thirty years later. I was not expecting it to be as historical as it was, taking place during World War 2. This film is no doubt impressive with scenes where live action actors are communicating with the animated fish that Don Knotts voiced. Especially in 1964. I don't think it's as fun as it looks. The kids should have a blast with the animated sequences, which there should of been more of in my opinion. But I guess they were going for something different. I think what would of been cool is that since the Don Knotts character is a lover and student of fish and aquatic life. When his character turns into a fish, acknowledge other fish and say what the fish are and some little facts about them. That way not only children but adults can learn a bit about aquatic life. It's a better movie than it is a bad movie. Then again, it's extremely hard to not like Don Knotts or the characters he plays.
February 23, 2013
Five stars all the way. I saw this as a young child, and just watched it again for the first time in 40 years with my little kids. They loved it. Although I've never seen this acknowledged, it seems like Spongebob and Finding Nemo both have antecedents in this movie.
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