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July 3, 2011
Just not that funny in my opinion.
July 3, 2011
Just not that funny in my opinion.
June 30, 2011
This charming Don Knotts comedy was absolute magic in my youth and many moons later holds up surprisingly well. Henry Limpet is the prototypical Knotts movie persona he played time and again to great success and made him one of my favorite film actors as a kid. Looney Tunes alum Robert McKimson did a nice job supervising what turned out to be the last animation work produced internally by the storied Warner Bros. animation department before it was permanently shut down. Director Arthur Lubin made his bones directing every Abbott & Costello film worth talking about, so why he didn't put his foot down at the inclusion of pointless musical interludes consisting of badly written songs horribly performed is a head-shaker. The pic was released the same year as Mary Poppins -- which also featured animation blending with live action -- so that might explain it, but did Warners really think they could eat off of Disney's plate with a couple of crappy little songs? Elizabeth MacRae's sexy voicing of Ladyfish is the cherry on top.
December 19, 2010
this movie is so funny
December 1, 2010
I remember this one!
November 27, 2010
Interesting, but I found that it dragged on a lot when he becomes the military's 'secret weapon'.
November 18, 2010
I actually had the chance to see this when I was a kid when I was @ my Uncle's but I was so pissed off that my cousins wanted to watch it instead of The Dukes of Hazard I left the room. Seeing it now I tell you The Incredible Mr Limpet is no great shakes & I should be more pissed off now that I missed out on The Dukes back then for it. I like Knotts but I don't think he was given much to work w/ (even in an animated sense) because this isn't a comedy. @ least I didn't find it to be. It sorta left me w/ the same feeling The Velveteen Rabbit did in the end. Be careful what you wish for because you just might become a fish. Knotts didn't have much life before he was a fish & doesn't have much of a life being a fish (hunting down German U Boats aside..which becomes pretty dull after awhile). Sure the grass isn't always greener or in this case the water bluer but shit Im going to stop making wishes on folded potato chips if this is how it turns out
September 12, 2010
August 15, 2010
So hilarious and cute. R.I.P Don Knotts.
It had a nice blend of live-action and animation.
July 12, 2010
A basic idea, ruined by flimsy acting and unfunny jokes.
June 23, 2010
That is an incredible movie of a gay and a fish and it is all about the fish and it is a clasic movie thy you have to see be for you die.
½ June 22, 2010
SO BAD. Just. Really bad. Starts out as a fish love story and turns into a war movie. It's
½ June 18, 2010
Too cheesy even though it is a Disney movie. Ok, I did chuckle during the montage scene, but otherwise I didn't get this movie. :(
June 14, 2010
Don Knotts took some time out of his busy schedule as Barney Fife to head out to sea in this quasi-animated tale of Henry Limpet, a milquetoast 4-F who has an obsession with his piscatorial friends, much to the consternation of his wife Bessie (Carole Cook, bearing a sharp resemblance to Maureen O'Hara) and best friend George Stickle (the gregarious Jack Weston). The obsession gets so great that a visit to Coney Island has Henry finally jumping off the pier to his apparent death, only to be revived (and animated) as a near-sighted fish. Near run-ins with sharks, octopi and other carnivorous beasties soon has him high-tailing it for a sunken freighter, an overamourous lady-fish (Elizabeth McRae) and a crusty hermit crab (legendary voice actor Paul Frees).
Since the movie is set during World War II, it stands to reason Henry wants to follow his pal George in the Navy and discovers a unique way to find those nasty Nazi subs. But what to do about his new life as a fish and his old life (and wife) still in Flatbush?
Knotts not only gave empathy to Henry Limpet as a human, but it also carried through to his animated fish form. One may not have had much sympathy for Bessie and George for how they treated Henry early on, but it becomes apparent they both have a genuine love for the little guy. The cast bounces perfectly off the expert Warner Brothers animation team (especially Robert McKimson and Maurice Noble) to present a fish tale worth remembering.
June 10, 2010
always a classic fav.
May 20, 2010
A movie which just doesn't do with the times but at that time a great watch and movie
½ May 13, 2010
I used to love this movie as a child
March 24, 2010
Remember this one? I do, from childhood. With both action and animation, this story is simply spectacular and is fun for the entire family.
½ January 29, 2010
An underrated fantasy classic about a wish upon the water
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