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½ March 17, 2017
The Institute a poor psychological thriller that is based on true events that occurred in a mental institute. and this story tells us of what happened there and how the downfall came to be only recently in 2009.
The movie had some notable actors like James Franco, Josh Dumehel and Eric Roberts. I do not recommend this movie it was slow and boring.
Not suitable for the kiddies and if you do watch it its a one time only flick.
½ March 17, 2017
The half star is for the movie's trailer. No fucking way in hell am I going to watch this piece of shit!
March 4, 2017
Well... it isn't all that bad but surely looking cheap in production.
½ March 3, 2017
Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. Turned it off in 20 minutes. We were watching it and taking bets that it came out somewhere around 2002, and had a big laugh when we discovered it was released today.
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