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The Jungle Book Quotes

  • King Louie: You know who I am?
    Mowgli: No?
    King Louie: I am the King of the Bandar-log. Call me Louie.

  • King Louie: You can't or you won't.
    Mowgli: I can't.

  • Mowgli: But this is my home!

  • Shere Khan: Man is forbidden!

  • Bagheera: Run Mowgli!

  • King Louie: I have ears and my ears have ears
    King Louie: I have ears and my ears have ears.

  • Mowgli: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

  • Baloo: That's not a song, kid. That's propaganda.

  • Baloo: What did I tell you? He's special.
    Bagheera: I know. I raised him.

  • Baloo: You say you want to go to the man village. I say you can be a man right here.

  • Baloo: You have never been a more endangered species than you are in this moment.

  • Bagheera: I realize you weren't born a wolf, but couldn't you just act like one?

  • Raksha: If it's meant to be, it will be.

  • Kaa: I'll keep you safe. Just you and me.

  • Kaa: Trust in me !
    Kaa: Trust in me!

  • Bagheera: If you can't learn to run with the pack, one of these days, you'll be someone's dinner.

  • Bagheera: Bears don't hibernate in the jungle.
    Baloo: Not full hibernation, but I nap...a lot.

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