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July 6, 2008
:ags in the middle, growing more interesting -- if hardly more original -- only as the situation deteriorates.
December 6, 2005
The real problem is the way the story tries so hard to incorporate Shakespearean themes.
June 19, 2003
While I'm sure the idea was to show how isolation and desperation could augment these emotional scars, the descent happens so quickly that when tragedy strikes my emotional response was one more of indifference than involvement.
March 10, 2003
Somebody should really plop these guys down in front of an old Rodgers & Hammerstein spectacle.
November 18, 2002
Levring's film isn't nearly as smart or original as he seems to think it is.
October 21, 2002
By the time you figure out who's who, you've almost ceased to care.
December 21, 2001
... sitting through "The King Is Alive" was a tedious exercise that tried my patience and bored me.
December 10, 2001
Despite astonishing camera work and editing, it just gets duller and duller even as the story is supposedly heating up.
July 20, 2001
It doesn't escape its own ascetic pretensions.
June 15, 2001
You can take The King Is Alive as a bold gamble or a pretentious folly. No, take it as a pretentious folly.
June 15, 2001
Sinks under the weight of its ever more inescapably apparent contrivance.
June 15, 2001
If the purpose of the story is to get us to dislike the characters, then mission accomplished.
June 14, 2001
Thoroughly self-serving as well as pretentious and butt-numbingly dull.
June 8, 2001
The project seems unsure about how to push the fighting, trysting and synthesized misery to higher ground.
May 14, 2001
Kristian Levring's The King is Alive operates on a conceptual, pseudo-intellectual level, perhaps a touch too orderly to convey true madness.
May 11, 2001
But what doesn't entirely succeed as convincing psychodrama makes one hell of an acting exercise (it's great fun to see great actors purposely mangle the Bard's immortal words), and Levring's cast -- McTeer in particular -- run with it.
May 11, 2001
The performances Levring gets from his international cast are almost strong enough to distract you from his failure to develop any of the grand themes so self-consciously set-up by the choice of King Lear.
May 11, 2001
There's no real sense of tragedy when these lost souls begin to drop dead in their eleventh hour -- just more pain and suffering for an already strongly unsympathetic group.
May 11, 2001
Stylish and gritty, The King Is Alive lacks the impact of revelation that might have made the journey worth taking.
May 11, 2001
The performances are admirable, the location evocatively exploited and the psychological intensity often unbearable. But the spark isn't there.
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