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September 13, 2020
Too slick for its own good.
July 6, 2019
A sad waste of a subject rife with possibility - a dumbing down of complex themes into violent action fodder for the masses
November 3, 2018
One-dimensional cartoon nonsense.
August 27, 2009
There's no real difference between choreographing a bloody jihadist skirmish and a gridiron match
August 8, 2009
A good deal more Transformers than Syriana, a movie that drapes a crisp, lightly browsed copy of The Economist over an enormous pubescent boner for grinding metal, busted glass, and crackling gunfire.
July 15, 2009
izgubljen u bespu%u0107ima bliskoisto%u010Dne zbiljnosti
May 1, 2008
[I]t fails in its attempt to be a serious drama with important things to say about the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.
January 18, 2008
December 27, 2007
Treats world history as a sports arena where the US has the home-team advantage, because America considers the entire world its private property. Which leaves a fairly loaded question: whose kingdom? Time to declare theaters demilitarized zones.
November 30, 2007
Funciona bem como divertimento escapista, mas temo que não era exatamente isso que o diretor e o roteirista tinham em mente quando realizaram o filme.
November 30, 2007
The Kingdom works as an exotic action thriller, but its politics are so choked on checks and balances it cancels itself out.
November 14, 2007
There's exceedingly little within The Kingdom that's been designed to capture (and hold) the viewer's interest...
November 7, 2007
The film's American heroes are depicted as pig-headed, offensive bullies who claim the moral high ground but in the end can solve their problems only with guns and car chases.
October 21, 2007
Resembles Team America: World Police. It has better-looking puppets (but) suffers the same amount of string pulling.
October 20, 2007
It's a frenetic, often incomprehensible film, full of rapid cutting, giant close-ups and muttered dialogue.
October 19, 2007
Everyone knows that assaults on cherished American symbols never end well for the assailants.
October 11, 2007
The Kingdom is topical, but remove the setting, and you're left with a relatively brain-dead thriller.
October 5, 2007
...Peter Berg directs with the flailing fervor he usually displays...
October 5, 2007
Intelligent films about US involvement in the Middle East can be counted on the broken fingers of one hand, and this one makes Syriana look like Citizen Kane.
October 5, 2007
Rambo meets Syriana in this bloated action-thriller, which tries to be gung-ho and PC at the same time.
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