The Last Suit (El último traje) Reviews

November 7, 2018
The film succeeds on both a metaphorical and literal level thanks to clever writing and Miguel Ángel Solá, who gives the festival's best performance.
October 30, 2018
Despite some shortcomings, The Last Suit manages to display originality in its description of the Argentine Jewish community as parallel universe all strengthened by great performances from Sola and Molina. [Full Review in Spanish]
October 30, 2018
In this endearing film, Miguel Angel Sola knew how to endow his character with seduction and verisimilitude without ever falling into the melodrama. [Full Review in Spanish]
September 27, 2018
There are so many wonderful, well-crafted scenes in The Last Suit. Pablo Solarz' script is a multilayered masterpiece.
September 27, 2018
"The Last Suit" is a bumpy ride tonally, but its stubborn heart is in the right place.
September 25, 2018
Argentine actor Miguel Ángel Solá is convincing as the haunted protagonist.
September 21, 2018
By its third act, it's clear that Last Suit fits into a familiar happy-goodbye format, whatever its darker notes, and that plausibility isn't high on its list of concerns. At least the company's mostly good.
September 19, 2018
[A] touching, albeit occasionally heavy-handed, drama...
September 19, 2018
It may leave audiences in tears but, with its sharp wit and eye for the beauty hidden in the ordinary, it will also remind them of how many things there are to smile about.
September 19, 2018
By elegantly twisting the tropes of both the road movie and the war movie, it tells a story that feels refreshing even when it dwells on historical events we've heard about so many times before.
September 9, 2018
August 21, 2018
The film is laden with emotion, but comes by most of it naturally through the clash of circumstances and the knowledge of what a life can contain.
August 15, 2018
A story of Holocaust memories repressed by an otherwise irrepressible Argentinian Jew, The Last Suit has narrative flaws and leaps of faith. But the force of its character's untethered voyage of discovery - and the acting behind it - overcomes all.
May 16, 2018
Bring a full box of tissues.
April 10, 2018
This is a beautiful film, full of melancholy, regret and longing, whose delicacy lasts. [Full Review in Spanish]
March 22, 2018
Sola's personality and charisma keep you in its corner.
January 29, 2018
It's a simple story about personal quests that appeals to the nostalgic tone and it is achieved thanks to Miguel Angel Sol, on whom the weight of the story rests... [Full review in Spanish]
November 8, 2017
Neat and resolutely starring Miguel ngel Sol... the theatrical tone of his work brings a solemnity that works in contrast to the different characters he encounters in her journey. [Full review in Spanish]