The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

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While it isn't quite as much fun as its predecessor, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part fits neatly into an animated all-ages franchise with heart and humor to spare.



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The much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed, global box office phenomenon that started it all, "The LEGO (R) Movie 2: The Second Part," reunites the heroes of Bricksburg in an all new action-packed adventure to save their beloved city. It's been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are now facing a huge new threat: LEGO DUPLO (R) invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than it can be rebuilt. The battle to defeat the invaders and restore harmony to the LEGO universe will take Emmet (Chris Pratt), Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett) and their friends to faraway, unexplored worlds, including a strange galaxy where everything is a musical. It will test their courage, creativity and Master Building skills, and reveal just how special they really are.


Chris Pratt
as Emmet Brickowski/Rex Dangervest
Elizabeth Banks
as Wyldstyle/Lucy
Tiffany Haddish
as Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi
Stephanie Beatriz
as General Mayhem/Sweet Mayhem
Alison Brie
as Unikitty/Ultrakatty
Nick Offerman
as MetalBeard
Will Ferrell
as President Business/Dad
Jonah Hill
as Green Lantern
Richard Ayoade
as Ice Cream Cone
Ben Schwartz
as Banarnar
Noel Fielding
as Balthazar
Jason Momoa
as Aquaman
Cobie Smulders
as Wonder Woman
Ike Barinholtz
as Lex Luthor
Ralph Fiennes
as Alfred Pennyworth
Orville Forte
as Abraham Lincoln
Jimmy O. Yang
as Enthusiastic Zebra
Jorma Taccone
as Larry Poppins
Bruce Willis
as Himself
Gary Payton
as Himself
Todd Hansen
as Gandalf/Swamp Creature
Doug Nicholas
as Surfer Dave/Chainsaw Dave/Purgatory Dave
Liam Knight
as Duplo/Heart/Star/Sewer Babies
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Audience Reviews for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

  • Sep 26, 2019
    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is an incredibly fun and exciting family film. When Ethan's friends are abducted by aliens he partners up with a rogue adventure seeker named Rex to rescue them. The writing is especially good and takes the series in an interesting direction. And it delivers a positive message, addressing some important issues in a lighthearted and entertaining way. Additionally, the humor is really well-done and delivers a lot of laughs. Also, the musical numbers are extremely energetic with a rich, colorful visual style, and the songs are very catchy (especially "Catchy Song"). A worthy successor to the original, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part delivers a hilarious adventure that all ages can enjoy.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2019
    If you may recall, the original Lego Movie was a bolt from the blue, a rude shock to the world of post-millennial animation. Just because your intention is to sell a product doesn't mean you can't have cutting commentary or take the piss out of what you are selling. Subsequent entries have not let me down. The Lego Batman movie was damn good, the Lego Ninjago outing was a decent rental movie, and this picture manages to follow up on the themes of the original and expand on them, albeit in a more predictable manner. We still get plenty of sharp writing from Phil Lord and Chris Miller; Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, and Elizabeth Banks are great as you'd expect; and the visuals, set pieces, soundtrack, and plethora of fun licensed material may encourage viewers to open up a crate of LEGO's and have at it. And the message is kind of interesting. If the original was about a father who really needed to loosen up, this movie is about his son needing to do the same. It's one of those rare modern CGI-filled kids pictures that has about as much to say to the parent as it does juvenile audiences. It's not perfect but it didn't need to be. An easy choice to entertain you and your family on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
    Joshua S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 25, 2019
    Maybe my expectations were too high, hell I even loved The LEGO Ninjago Movie, the one in this franchise most people seem to agree is pretty mediocre. But this one just didn't do it for me as much. Is LEGO Movie 2 bad? No, not by a long shot. I still give a positive ranking, but only marginally, and I'm a bit harsher on it than usual just because of the precedent this franchise has set and just how far the ball has been dropped here. If this was where the franchise had started, I'd say it was better than expected for LEGO, but still not great if I'm being totally honest. It falls into a lot of that sequel fatigue of the same, but not as good. They explore different worlds, but only a couple, and they aren't as crazy or interesting as the first one. There's more about the connection between the Lego world and the human world, but after the mindf*** ending of the first this time it just doesn't feel as organic. Yeah there's a nice bit about sibling relationships, but overall the human element just comes out a little weird this time around and raises some bizarre questions. The biggest downer though is the comedy, in that it's just not as funny. The first Lego movie was outright hilarious. This one, at best, is chuckle-worthy. There were 2 or 3 decent laughs, but for the most part it just got small smiles out of me. Having said that, it's still charming and the animation is still absolutely gorgeous. The characters are all likeable, new and old, and kids will definitely love it. It's a shame that it's such a massive step down from the first one, but with the bar set so high even a step down is still a decent movie.
    Michael M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 24, 2019
    Not unfunny, but its mostly forgettable.
    Alec B Super Reviewer

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