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October 16, 2017
The Little Death is really just best ignored entirely.
April 27, 2017
More than parodying private peccadillos is needed to turn apparently twisted trysts into a smart sex comedy.
March 12, 2016
Feeling a bit more like sketch comedy than cinema, The Little Death is not without laughs, but the tone is all over the map.
November 26, 2015
Ambitious Aussie sex romp bites off way more than it manages to chew.
June 26, 2015
The entire enterprise is more annoyingly quirky-perky than truly sexy or psychologically probing.
June 26, 2015
There is simultaneously too much and not enough going on in writer/director/co-star Josh Lawson's feature debut.
June 25, 2015
In the end, the film doesn't work.
June 25, 2015
This is apparently a comedy, and yet only a few of the characters' exploits are even mildly humorous.
June 24, 2015
Sex comedies work best with light touch, and as the ponderous title (a literal translation of the French term for orgasm) indicates, Australian writer-director Josh Lawson mostly doesn't have it.
June 23, 2015
Sometimes funny, often just cringe-worthy
June 23, 2015
Lawson either needed to flesh out these characters or view their failings with stiffer cynicism.
June 20, 2015
It's perched uneasily on a fence separating a rote comic sketch film from something weirder, stranger, and less engaged with offering reassuring domestic homilies.
June 20, 2015
"La Ronde" this is not.
October 30, 2014
The Little Death is just a mostly laughless tour of unlikeable, depressive suburbanites.
October 15, 2014
In formulating the screenplay, Lawson has blended both comedy and drama. It works in some places. It doesn't work in others.
September 26, 2014
An erratic episodic comedy about just how funny a fetish can be.
September 25, 2014
With one or two bright spots, this is a mostly uninteresting, occasionally uncomfortable affair that is simply not as subversive, enlightening, or as taboo-breaking as it sets out to be.
September 25, 2014
For all of the comic potential of a broad and bawdy farce, Lawson's story doesn't meet its own brief and, much like the lousy sex had on screen, it ends up being a frustrating letdown of uneven pacing and mismatched mood.
September 24, 2014
Relatively experimental in its structure but conditioned like a sitcom.
September 22, 2014
The film itself is so contrived it's ridiculous. And not in a good way.
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