The Little Mermaid Reviews

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December 28, 2010
Superb, entertaining animated musical has some scary stuff.
November 25, 2009
The long-awaited proof that Disney animation could, in fact, return almost the quality and beauty of its Golden Age.
October 18, 2008
This is unquestionably the best animated film in many years and is therefore highly recommended.
September 3, 2008
You could wish upon a star and not conjure up a more joyous animated movie than this graceful retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen tale.
September 3, 2008
Relying on a simple, recognized tale, great songs and marvellous animation, it turned its fortunes around.
September 3, 2008
Within the apparently necessary aesthetic and ideological limitations (such as making the hero and heroine Americans surrounded by foreign servants a la Pinocchio), the animation manages to be fairly energetic.
September 2, 2008
Overall, it's an enjoyable film, thankfully free of the computerized look of later Disney cartoons, but it really can't compare to the real Disney classics.
June 10, 2008
A fantastic success.
May 20, 2008
May represent Disney's best animated feature since the underrated Sleeping Beauty in 1959.
July 20, 2007
A coming of age fable for both Disney and the mermaid heroine
January 10, 2007
The Little Mermaid was a mirage, not an oasis.
October 27, 2006
Still a great entertainment and a welcome addition to any Disney library.
October 9, 2006
The hand-drawn animation is terrific, and the soundtrack, which includes Part of Your World, Under the Sea and Kiss the Girl, is among Disney's best.
October 5, 2006
The Little Mermaid is the story of one packrat pre-tween princess whose undersea kingdom is only matched in depth by her remarkable sense of consumer-minded entitlement.
October 1, 2006
...cute, romantic, well-animated, well paced, and filled with more good music than Disney had produced in quite some time.
June 24, 2006
This return to traditional Disney territory is geared to captivate children while allowing them to maintain their street cred, largely by combining extravagant animated technique with ranging musical styles.
August 21, 2005
Huggable, lovable Disney. Before the corporation went dumpster diving.
April 27, 2005
March 3, 2005
A surprising success, thanks largely to Alan Menken and Howard Ashman's brilliant songs.
January 1, 2005
The re-birth of the Disney musical.
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