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The Lobster Quotes

  • David: I've got good news. I've had a great idea.
    Short Sighted Woman: What kind of idea?
    Lisping Man: I raise my left foot. I bring my elbow to my knee and tap it twice, I bring my foot to my knee and tap it three times. I lie face down, I kneel down. I touch my left cheek and then lie face up.
    Short Sighted Woman: Are you sure you're prepared to do that

  • Hotel Manager: Tomorrow, they'll be transferred to a double room, with a larger wardrobe and a larger bathroom. They will remain in the double room for two weeks, then they'll be transferred to the yachts for a further two weeks. We wish you every success and we hope that you will return to the city as a couple.
    The Limping Man: I'm very happy.
    Nosebleed Woman: Me too.

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