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December 25, 2016
So good Depp is Comanche now...
½ December 13, 2016
Funny reboot with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Hi ho silver away! Railroads built with wooden bridges / vuaducts. Needs to be brick like the Victorians built them in Britain.
December 11, 2016
very thin story and you've got to have a vivid imagination to believe everything, but just great fun and reminiscent of my youth!
December 11, 2016
Was bored by this one.
½ December 2, 2016
The Lone Ranger had a tremendous character set up, that ultimately was melted back into the same-ol' movie template that Hollywood demands. It's a shame this movie couldn't quite rise above that idiosyncratic dogma.

Johnny Depp's character, Tonto, had the most potential, until that familiar Hollywood template became too obvious.

I still recommend it, though.
November 18, 2016
Depp really deserves an Oscar ??
Marvelous Acting , Superb as always , Depp is the King of Hollywood!
November 17, 2016
Where do I begin? When the trailer for this film came out, I was extremely pumped. It came from the team behind the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and looked like a badass western film. What sad is that this film has all the tools for success. It takes place in the lawless frontier, it has a great cast and some of the action set-pieces, especially the climax, is so well choreographed and exciting. The problem lies in the story and characters. With a western like this, especially a Disney one, you don't need this super complex story that is over 2 hours long for it to be interesting Although, if you do want to have a super epic complex story, you better have some dynamic characters... this film does not. I love Armie Hammer and I love Johnny Depp, but they have little to no chemistry together and their comedic chops are extremely lacking. With the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann all worked well together because they all had enough screen-time to build character and empathy with the audience. Here, I cannot even tell "the girl's" name in this film. Hell, I couldn't tell you anybody's name other than Tonto. That is a really bad sign that you don't even remember the main character's name. He is supposed to be this badass "Lone Ranger" but instead, we get a wimp who doesn't believe in shooting guns... Okay, who was the studio executive to let that one slide? Overall, it's watchable. For anything, admire it for its locations, production design and action set-pieces. Unfortunately, that is not enough to hold most people over. People want to like and remember the characters in their movies and we didn't get any here.
½ November 17, 2016
Considering how Disney loves reimagining origin stories such as Maleficient, they should be more than capable of applying effective satire to create a new version to alter the racist origins of the story into something fresh and dynamic. A twist could have easily been provided such as the story being previously told from the wrong perspective and then presenting the genuine (new) one. The film instead played into the outdated narrative at hand and did so with a dry dialogue through awkward delivery that all streched out to a ridiculous length. The Lone Ranger had the opprotunity to be something more and there is little excuse for failure with their budget of $225 million.
½ November 16, 2016
Vapid .. shouldn't be .. is
November 16, 2016
The Lone Ranger is bombarded by loud, over-the-top action scenes and explosions that would make Michael Bay blush.
½ November 7, 2016
Because of my slight insanity i have developed over the years, i have grown incredibly patient, and able 2 wait through almost anything, so the way too long length of the lone ranger, didnt really affect me.
I thought it was a fun, action packed, and very interesting (plot wise) movie. Although it was deffinetly WAY too long, i still liked it.
November 2, 2016
Overkill describes it best. Another lost flixster rating.
½ October 30, 2016
This movie's dazzling cinematography and production design are sadly devalued by most other aspects. Armie Hammer is totally nondescript as the titular character, and Johnny Depp's deadpan eccentricity is increasingly irritating, not to mention his makeup is distractingly silly. "The Lone Ranger" trudges along at a punishingly slow pace with tons of pointless padding, making it hard to believe it actually had two editors. It simultaneously takes itself too seriously to be any fun, and is too tongue-in-cheek to be compelling. Nonetheless I found it consistently watchable, if hardly entertaining, simply due to its splendid period detail, well-choreographed action scenes, and rousing score.
½ October 25, 2016
Desperate to recapture and recapitalise on the magic and money of his rollicking high seas franchise, Director Gore Verbinski has choreographed a film almost identical in style and energy.

Swapping the smell of salty spray and feel of heaving waves for the grittiness of desert dust and ever expanding arid emptiness, The Lone Ranger is a massively expensive adaption with all the elements of a grand adventure but without the box office or viewer acclaim.

Jarringly jumping between frenetic and tedious, modern (without even being set in today) and traditional, plastic and parody, odd couple and action heroes, comedy and drama, this film simply doesn't know what it wants to be and would have benefited greatly overall from a generous dose of editing.

For those of you who do remember the source material, I would advise not to compare, this is definitely a case of different courses for different horses. Stunts are massive and the vistas are stunning, even if they are noticeable geographically incorrect (location scouts take note - 2010's Utah does not equal 1870's wild-west Texas).

Wandering through a carnival in 1933 chewing on fresh peanuts, a young boy stops in front of a display reading "The Noble Savage". When an old man who should be a statue comes to life, the elderly fellow recounts a 60 year old yarn of unbelievable derring-do.

On train route home to Texas, straight laced Prosecutor John Reid (Armie Hammer) meets off-beat native Tonto (Johnny Depp) when they are shackled together by gun-toting hi-jacker's and left for dead on a runaway locomotive. Surviving the accident only to join a band of Rangers and play into a murderous plot, Reid is once again left of dead but can that actually work in his favour?

With the aid of tonto and his trusty white steed, Reid transforms from a man of the law, into The Lone Ranger, a legend of justice.

The epitome of chisel-jawed decency, Hammer has a likeable air but lacks screen presence, especially in contrast to his centre-kick of a side-kick, Johnny Depp. Like his most bankable character Jack Sparrow, Depp inhabits Tonoto in his usual magically eccentric part fruitcake, part genius and all crazy style.

There is glimmer of chemistry between the leads, but Depp seems to get more in reply from Reid's stunning personality ridden horse that his second-fiddle leading man.

Thankfully, the overtly colourful Helena Bonham Carter's role is rather small and her unique brand of odd is somewhat controlled even as a lethal prosthetic legged House of Sin Madam. Much like the aforementioned, the supports are all caricatures of the much-neglected western genre.

With modern influences guiding the project, there are some glaring tonal inconsistences between light-hearted humour and racially sensitive violence.

Besides being somewhat offensive to certain audiences, it highlights just how for the wrong way film making is on the political correctness scale. Backstory, historical and geographical accuracy be dammed.

The verdict: With all the negatives being said, the hi-ho silver speed of this movie is somewhat endearing and with the infectious anticipation of will they -wont they rendition of Rossini's William Tell Overture and other classic elements right there on the brink, the reluctant charm of this film seeps through into an enjoyable cinematic experience.

Published: The Queanbeyan Age
Date of Publication: 12/07/2013
½ October 15, 2016
Have no idea why anyone hated on this. Think Sunday afternoon snackin on the couch in your PJs. If your a Lone Ranger fan, you might not like it. I look at it as before he was cool, and got his show on.
October 12, 2016
I freakin loved this movie. What is up with people and their crappy reviews. Crappy movies get good ratings and good movies get crappy ratings. I guess to get a good rating a movie need 100 F-bombs and tons of sexual jokes.
October 3, 2016
Terrible and the worst movie there is in movie industry
September 29, 2016
This is one of my all time favorite movies and I think you fucking critics suck at your job
September 26, 2016
I didn't grow up knowing the tv show or previous movies, but I really enjoyed it. It was a little long, but if much was cut out it wouldn't flow as well. Great and funny action movie.
½ August 23, 2016
The Lone Ranger is by far one of the worst Disney films I've seen in my entire life! I went to go see this film with my grandpa because he grew up watching the Lone Ranger tv series in the 50s. And even he hated this film! This film is also very dark at some parts. In one scene the bad guy who I forgot his name but I really don't care what his name is anyway. The bad guy goes up to a dead body and cuts the chest open of the dead body and what does he do. He takes out the dead body's heart and eats it. You heard me right, he eats a heart. This is coming from the same company that brought us FAMILY FILMS like The Little Mermaid! I hate this film! I don't recommend watching this film even if you like western films.
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