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September 23, 2018
So creepy and sad to see the transformation of Gollum and how he came to be. I mean to kill your own brother. That's just dark. I see the special effects keep getting better with each movie. Any scene with Pippin is straight cringe. God damn those hobbits are a couple of corny ass mothers. Gollum is particularly funny in this one.

It's so upsetting to see how that one king loved his son Boromir but loathes his other son. Wow. That scene with the king eating like a pig, his son and the soldiers charging towards their death, and Pippin singing was iconic. That was masterfully done.

All the dead army scenes were amazing. What an amazing feeling that would be to have a ghost army as your ally fighting by your side. That battle scene was crazy! That one orc that comes out on horse from the gate was one ugly motherfucker.

I can see why this movie is regarded as the best of the three and is seen as one of the best movies made. It's supremely epic in scale. The plot thickens and gets better and better as time goes by. What's great about this one is that there's a lot of character development going on. You really get to see everyone's true potential. Even the little hobbits.
September 21, 2018
My least favorite movie of my absolute favorite series. Return of the King simply doesn't feel the same as the previous two films. The soundtrack sounds compressed and the CGI is both more abundant and of lesser quality. Many people complain about the length and pacing, but I say compare them to the popular super hero movies today and the point becomes invalid.
The trilogy is overall fantastic, and Return of the King is a great conclusion.
September 10, 2018
Epic, tense, and emotional... the perfect ending to a beloved franchise.
September 8, 2018
a fantastic end to the trilogy
September 5, 2018
Un broche de oro para una pelÝcula que mereciˇ con creces el oscar a mejor largometraje y cerrˇ con una historia que dejˇ una huella muy profunda en el mundo del cine y mereces ver la tanto como las dos anteriores antes de morir.
September 2, 2018
Mist and shadow, Cloud and shade, All shall fade... All shall... fade."
½ August 20, 2018
Not much wrong with this movie. Only negatives are some scenes are a little too drawn out and some scenarios don't make sense and are just being used to drive the plot. Besides that though, it's a great movie.
August 16, 2018
The entire trilogy was perfect.
August 12, 2018
A great ending to a great trilogy and for me the my most favorite one. Action was incredible, every scene was just great, everything in this movie just made it better for me then the other 2 before it. Loved this film and always will.
August 7, 2018
Voglio fare una recensione unica per questa trilogia cercando di essere il pi¨ breve e conciso possibile. Intanto parto col dire che Ŕ la Trilogia fantastica per eccellenza, ormai divenuta cult, perfetta sotto quasi ogni aspetto. Ogni cosa Ŕ resa al meglio e non ci sono difetti dal punto di vista tecnico; regia di Peter Jackson perfetta, fotografia bellissima e effetti speciali da paura. Le scenografie, le ambientazioni, il trucco e i costumi sono eccellenti. Le musiche e il montaggio delle musiche azzeccatissimi. Dal punto di vista narrativo nulla da dire anche perchÚ non ho letto i libri, purtroppo. Il personaggio che pi¨ mi Ŕ piaciuto Ŕ stato Samvise, interpretato da Sean Astin che Ŕ stato semplicemente magnifico; senza di lui Frodo non avrebbe fatto tutto quello che ha fatto, il vero Eroe della trilogia, soprattutto nell'ultimo film ("Il Ritorno del Re"). Spettacolari anche Ian McKellen (Gandalf), che ha regalato diverse perle divenute cult, e Andy Serkis che ha interpretato Gollum, personaggio bello e brutto allo stesso tempo. Di grandissima potenza i dialoghi di Gollum che ha due personalitÓ, Smeagol (il suo nome originale) e appunto Gollum. Ottimi anche gli altri personaggi. Gli ultimi 50 minuti del terzo film sono di una intensitÓ pazzesca, perfetti sotto ogni punto di vista. Tra i tre film ovviamente ho preferito il terzo ma son tutti e tre fantastici, trilogia UNICA firmata Peter Jackson.
August 6, 2018
Quite uninteresting. Lots of nonsense here. Frodo looks like a looser instead of a brave man.
August 1, 2018
Fantastic visuals, epic battles, beautiful sets, well-done performances and tons of emotion lead to The Return of the King being a great conclusion to a fantastic trilogy that deserves its Best Picture Oscar. And yes, this movie has a bad case of ending fatigue but the endings by themselves aren't bad and, in a way, actually make sense. Plus, ALL HAIL ANDY SERKIS!!! THE ACADEMY WILL PAY FOR NOT GIVING HIM AN OSCAR!!! >:(
July 31, 2018
Very good movie. Outstanding.
Rating: 8.8/10.
July 30, 2018
Once again an improvement on the previous film, Return of the King elevates the trilogy to the greatest it can be, with improved action and a stunning conclusion. It manages to wrap up every story successfully, something which many conclusions fail to do.
July 29, 2018
My review of all three LOTR films.

I've always had a love for trilogies in films; and in books for that matter. In them, I feel that it much easier to become attached to the characters; and the overall story intrigues me more because they are longer and have more depth.
"The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" is my personal trilogy of them all. My personal favorite movie of all time. No, I do not think that it is greater than the "Three Colors'' or "Apu" trilogies. And it probably isn't one of the one hundred greatest films of all time.
But it is my favorite. It's my favorite because it was the first movie I ever could truly say that I loved. I was six years old when "Fellowship" was released in December of 2001.

It was perhaps a month or two before, when I went to the movies with my dad and uncle to see a dreadful film called "The Gift." Well, one of the Coming Attraction Trailers was for what I thought looked like a pretty cool movie called "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." I remember the trailer showing little people, and men with beards fighting trolls and really ugly looking creatures with swords. And because during most of my childhood I had an obsession with what I called ''sword fighting movies," I desperately wanted to see this new one. About a month or so later, my dad took me to the movies once again to see "The Fellowship of the Ring." I was not disappointed.

Not only did "The Fellowship of the Ring" become my favorite "sword fighting movie," but to say that the film was my entire life as child would not be an understatement.
After seeing the first installment of the trilogy, all I could think about was the next one --- "The Two Towers." And after "The Two Towers," it was "The Return of the King" that owned my thoughts.
The Films, and their larger than life beauty brought out in me a sense of wonder in me that I did not know I had. They mesmerized me in ways that remains unmatched to this day. It was the first film that I loved not only because of fun battle scenes, but because of story. It helped me understand what great storytelling is; and it was the first movie that showed me what great filmmaking is; and how truly beautiful a movie can be when it is made with tremendous amounts of effort and passion.
Later on I became a fan of the books and my fascination as well as my love for the story and characters grew even stronger.

''The Fellowship of the Ring" is about how a Hobbit named Frodo (Elijah Wood) is left a very powerful ring; and is told by the Wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) just how powerful and dangerous this ring is. It once belonged to the Dark Lord Sauron, who will do anything in his power to retreave it.
Frodo must take the Ring to the only place it can be destroyed: the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor.
On this journey with Frodo are Gandalf, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) who is destined to be a King, an Elf named Legolas (Orlando Bloom), a Dwarf named Gimil (John Rhys-Davies), a man named Boromir (Sean Bean), and three Hobbits: Merry (Dominic Monaghan), Pippin (Billy Boyd) and Sam (Sean Asten).

The Fellowship breaks after the first film, and in "The Two Towers" Frodo and Sam head out on their own for Mordor, and they come across a strange creature named Gollum (Andy Sirkis) who is obessed by the Ring---his "Precious" that he once bore. Frodo feels a strange kinship with him, and against Sam's wishes, deciedes to use him as a guide to Mordor.
Meanwhile, Boromir is now dead; and Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli head to Rohan to help defend them in their upcoming war with the evil Wizard Saruman's (Christopher Lee) great army of ten thousand Uruk-hai.
While Merry and Pippin spent most of the film hanging out with a tree-looking creature name Treebeard --- voiced by Davies.

In the final installment of the great trilogy --- "The Return of the King," the War of the Ring continues in Gondor. Many heroes are made in the great battle including one of my favorite characters from the films and books: Eowyn (Maranda Otto); a woman of Rohan who refuses to sit around and let her loved ones die in war. She, along with Merry sneaks into battle, and ends playing a major role in its outcome.
Aragon realizes his power, and his destiny as the heir to the throne of Gondor.
And Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor; but their 'guide' Gollum is up to no good.

Peter Jackson absolutely gave it his all here. Like another very long Hollywood epic in "Titanic,"each breathtaking shot oozes with the passion of the director. The love that was clearly poured into making this grand trilogy is always evident; and is inspiring to witness.
And the Musical Score done by Howard Shore feels perfect for each scene. He gives Middle Earth a distinct sound that I think Tolkien would appreciate.

There's no all time great performance in the films, but there's not a bad one either. Each actor/actress brings the right stuff to his/her character. They're wonderfully cast, and absolutely live up to the characters of the books.

Just recently I decided to watch all three of the "LOTR" films in one day.
I've done this a few times in my life, but it had been a while; and I hadn't since I've gotten older. Well, watching them made me feel like a kid again. I spent an entire day wrapped up in the lore of Middle Earth.
The films have an effect on me that really nothing else has. No matter how many times I watch them, I find them to be every bit as fresh, and interesting as they were years ago.
Yes, there are better films. Many better films; but there's is none that I love more. These films are among the central reasons of why I'm writing reviews to begin with.
July 21, 2018
Visually amazing one of the greatest film I've ever seen
July 7, 2018
The Lord of the Rings: Return Of The King is an absolutely outstanding ending to a truly phenomenal trilogy! Just like the two other films, it's visually breathtaking. It's very emotionally powerful giving a great but sad ending to the trilogy. The performances by everyone in the film are incredible as they all do such a great job with their characters! The huge battle scenes are slightly frightening but are definitely fun to watch and it's very satisfying to see the good guys outnumbered and backup coming to drive all the orcs away. I'll say that it's the best film in the trilogy because of how good an ending it is. If I had to give an order, it would be this as #1, the first as #2 and the middle one as #3. All of them are phenomenal and there's no doubt about it. This is my favorite, but not by far because of what I said. Again, Peter Jackson does an incredible job directing and creating the film so well. The screenplay adaptation is extremely well written for the screen based of the book. This definitely deserves to be a winner of eleven Academy Awards which this and only two other films have won. That definitely shows how good it is. Overall, it's an emotional and satisfying ending that fans will most surely enjoy and is again, phenomenal.
July 5, 2018
I grade my movies on a scale of 1 to LoTR. These are the greatest movies of all time and they were done with a third of the budget that movies are given today. Funny how movies keep getting worse despite the massive influx of cash while these stand the test of time.
July 2, 2018
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is a 2003 epic high fantasy adventure film produced, written, and directed by Peter Jackson .
A magnificent climax to the trilogy. Full of twists and turns with many unforgettable scenes. A masterpiece. The highest grossing film of 2003. My favourite film of 2003.
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