The Love Punch Reviews

May 23, 2014
This "Punch" never truly connects.
May 23, 2014
Thompson is one of those rarities who shines in just about anything. Her crack timing enlivens even her worst lines.
May 23, 2014
Alas, there are no sparks. There is no excitement. Hopkins' clumsy script simply bumbles its way past plot holes into predictabilities.
May 23, 2014
Most everything about this movie is predictable within the first few minutes ...
May 23, 2014
Hopkins managed a genuine delight a few years ago with "Last Chance Harvey," starring Thompson and Dustin Hoffman as two late-in-life lovers in London. But his new script has none of that wit.
May 23, 2014
A good-natured if strenuously wacky caper comedy about a divorced British couple who plot a diamond heist to save their pensions.
March 20, 2019
It's only the twinkle-eyed self-parody of former Bond Brosnan that makes this dire Brit-com remotely watchable.
January 12, 2019
[The Love Punch] is well-made fluff of the sort we don't see much of any more, so if this is a genre you enjoy, it's here for you.
August 25, 2014
The jokes are as creaky as the would-be robbers' ageing bodies, but Thompson's air of wry disdain and Brosnan's frisky playfulness are enormously winning.
June 30, 2014
The lead actors outshine a predictable script in this globetrotting romantic caper.