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April 12, 2017
The story is a constant loop with no climax
August 28, 2014
In this movie you can see several dancing styles.
September 17, 2013
Wish I could delete this free 1!
August 26, 2013
Ok, normaal hou ik niet echt van het type "dansfilm"... maar deze (eerste van de 3) zijn super. Er zit nog wat verhaal in, maar vooral de dansers zijn echt wel ongelofelijk! Ik had reeds de 2 andere ook gezien, waaaaw...
May 20, 2013
There are much better dance movies out there. No stars.
½ May 18, 2013
Just wasted half an hour of my life on this crap .. ??????
½ April 15, 2013
A great use of music and settings. Choreography was awesome but acting could have been better. A very good plot wish there was more elaboration but maybe in part 2.
March 22, 2013
Amazing concept; brilliant choreography and music
½ March 12, 2013
1 good scene at the beginning, rest of the film is rubbish
½ March 12, 2013
I have to admit to only seeing this on TV. I expected little but actually enjoyed it. it focused on the dancing more than many other recent dance movies I have seen. this avoided dancers having to get involved in very hard to watch "bad acting" to develop the story. instead there is a narrator to guide us through a series of smaller chapters. each chapter had its own dance and story concept that built in to the larger story. it wasnt the best movie in the world by far, but the dancing was skilled and the concept was interesting enough to warrant some attention. it felt a bit like a very comfortable bed time fairytale being told.
March 10, 2013
incredible series. cant wait for it to return.
March 5, 2013
I can watch a Junior High School talent show or skit night to see far fewer recycled dance moves, set to a less obnoxious soundtrack, where I might even be somewhat convinced by the "acting" and get absorbed in some sort of a plot. No longer cutting edge (which is really just too bad; I could use a razor blade or twelve right now). Straight to Trash.
February 5, 2013
Haven't seen it but sounds good
½ February 4, 2013
this sucked! it was the stupidest movie ever created!
½ February 3, 2013
LXD is crap! was expecting something more than this. wow.
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