The Masked Saint Reviews

April 19, 2016
Trite faith-based tale has mature themes, lots of violence.
January 21, 2016
[The filmmakers] fail to wrestle this script - no pun intended - into something organic and believable.
January 14, 2016
It isn't great filmmaking, it mostly isn't even competent filmmaking. But in a world of bankrupt profiteering disguised as religion, a faith-based movie that teaches people to be nicer to each other is something that deserves to be celebrated.
January 12, 2016
An inauspicious first entry in the Christian pro-wrestling vigilante movie subgenre.
January 8, 2016
Turns out, you can be both macho and righteous, as long as you're doing it for the Lord. Chris' journey toward that revelation makes up this stretched-out parable, which boasts the kind of Lycra-deep characterization we associate with the... genre.
January 8, 2016
The only thing about it worth remembering is that it was the last film made by wrestler-turned-actor Roddy Piper before his death last year.
January 7, 2016
You'll be ready to leave long before "The Masked Saint" finally goes down for the count.