Aug 18, 2007
Based on a stage play by Jordi Galcern, The Method delivers a darkly comic take on corporate competitiveness.
Jul 14, 2007
Undoubtedly some enterprising American film company will either undertake a remake or will pitch it as a new reality show ...
Jul 12, 2007
The film loses some of its sting once the race narrows, but its outcome and the politically, emotionally astute fade-out are suitably devastating.
Jul 8, 2007
the hollowness of it all becomes deafening
Jul 6, 2007
...May not shed any new light on corporate avarice or mendacity, but it gives a stronger. cast the opportunity to play a delicate game of psychological cat-and-mouse with the viewer.
Jul 6, 2007
The Method is a funny film that touches on a corporation's responsibility to society, the price of ambition and the persistence of workplace sexism.
Jul 6, 2007
Smartly and seamlessly blending a cast of talented Argentine and Spanish thesps, Pineyro seems to be testing how much cinema he can derive from a restricted space.
Jul 5, 2007
...The Method is a tartly performed, compulsively watchable glass-tower And Then There Were None, in which the only blood that gets spilt comes from places that hurt the most: pride and ego.
Jul 5, 2007
There is a madness to The Method, and it is a fine madness.
Jun 22, 2007
Anyone who has ever had to undergo a grueling interview for a job or for college admission will relate to this witty albeit stagey story of seven candidates competing together in one room for one job.
Jan 22, 2007
The film is delightful, like a quality Gilligan's Island for these nervous globalized times.
Jun 25, 2006
Una adaptacin que no hace un gran esfuerzo por disimular su origen teatral y se sostiene gracias a un buen elenco y algunas sorpresas.