The Mill and the Cross Reviews

November 14, 2011
While there are some interesting visuals, the lack of story and emotion doom this film.
October 18, 2011
Hauer is OK as Bruegel, but Charlotte Rampling is weird as the painting's Virgin Mary and, in a mostly non-verbal story, she's burdened by some excruciatingly gushy voiceovers .
September 29, 2011
Despite a too slow pace for my own tastes, Hauer helps move the film along by being captivating even in just a few scenes.
September 22, 2011
As art history, the movie is splendid. As a film, it is didactic and photogenic - but not cinematic.
September 17, 2011
'The Mill and the Cross' is a fully aware and intentionally engaged with artifice and its process. Why then, is its very artificiality so off-putting?
September 15, 2011
can't really be called a success or a failure. It just hangs there, dangling on the screen in dialogue with itself
May 13, 2011
Majewski's superficially striking ruminations on art feel academic.
February 10, 2011
The epic film is a breakthrough in transforming a painting into a moving picture, but sadly the drama doesn't rise to the level of its novelty and ambition.
February 10, 2011
This attempt to explore and dramatize a masterpiece of 16th-century art falls flat.