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Henson's Muppets had a nice line in dry wit. They were anarchic. Segel's are corporate stooges.

February 13, 2012 Full Review Source: The Ooh Tray | Comments (6)
The Ooh Tray



Cherry Pop

Not funny...

Feb 13 - 06:41 PM

George K.

George Kovka

Essentially you panned the movie for the Muppets association with Disney... and not the actual content of the movie. That makes you one of the poorest critics there can be, to rate something not even on its own merits.

Feb 13 - 10:54 PM

Melissa Greene

Melissa Greene

LOL Ed. I can't believe your taking shit from someone called "frogboy". What the fuck is that? I liked your review. The product placement did kinda bother me (I saw the disney store!) so i diagree thats its not a legitimate thing to talk about because it is in the movie. I took my cousin to see it (he's 9)and we both had fun but when you mentioned Cars2 i did remember that he actually said "Cars!" in the theater when the ad came on so kids do notice (like they're supposed to). I don't think I'd have noticed otherwise but maybe thats your point?He also wants a kermit watch now but then so do I :o). We both loved the movie and id see it again but i agree thats studios shouldn't use their movies to sell stuff to impressionable kids. If they want to buy stuff afterwards because they liked the characters or whatever, like in Star Wars, thats cool but putting products in the movie feels wrong.

Feb 16 - 02:59 AM

Adam Leen

Adam Leen

You diligent troll
I salute you

Feb 16 - 04:32 AM


Kirsty Harris

Ed, I don't entirely agree with your point, but you make your point well and certianly do not deserve the rude and insulting comments you have received from a couple of people. In particular someone effectively telling you your viewpoint is invalid because this film has 96% positive reviews is ridiculous. For what it's worth my main issue with the film is it spent so much of it's time telling the audience they should love the film that it actually failed to tell much of a story at all, but that's a different story....

Feb 16 - 05:23 PM

Nick D.

Nick Day

I like this critic. I've read a few of his reviews and found them to be insightful. He's got a sharp sense of humour. I agree with the guy who said the follow up comments have been stupid. The point Whitfield makes is reasonable. The product placement is in there for sure but it wasn't just Disney flogging their own stuff. Check out:

Also its nothing new. Ed, if you didn't like it in the movie you'll hate this:

Feb 17 - 05:23 AM

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