Sep 16, 2019
The clunky sporadic brilliance of yore is gone; in its place is a big, slick, hollow juggernaut, slathered in nostalgia, sentimentality, and a hollow winking irony meant to substitute for humor or ideas.
Aug 31, 2018
I just hoped for more vaudevillian anarchy and less sentimentality. Sometimes, it is a mistake to revisit your childhood with the same expectations.
Jan 26, 2018
None of it comes off as clever as it probably did on paper.
May 2, 2012
As a died-in-the-wool Muppets fan, this overripe nostalgia trip only almost captures that Henson magic. There are moments of exhuberance, but they're scattered and isolated.
Feb 13, 2012
Henson's Muppets had a nice line in dry wit. They were anarchic. Segel's are corporate stooges.
Feb 11, 2012
The film's broad smiles and big-heartedness are bracingly disingenuous, the self-referential jokes well handled. Only the affection emanating from the audience is sincere.
Jan 4, 2012
Under James Bobin's direction, however, the outing feels cheap and strangely small-screen.
Jan 3, 2012
I am a fan of The Muppets and I'm glad to see them making a comeback. Maybe if this movie is a hit, they'll make a sequel where they'll actually get to be the stars of their own film.
Dec 3, 2011
Overall I found the movie a bit too cloying and self-aware to distinguish itself from the mass of kiddie flick pap.
Nov 23, 2011
The Muppet charm, always more at home within the intimate frame of a TV set, is gone here.
Nov 23, 2011
Except for a few good zingers from balcony dwellers Statler and Waldorf, there isn't much here for mom and dad.
Nov 22, 2011
Desperately trying to appeal to not just the Gen Xers who grew up with Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Dr. Teeth, but also the tykes who've never even heard of Jim Henson, The Muppets has none of the easy confidence of the original TV show or the 1979 movie.