The Naked Island (Hadaka no shima) Reviews

October 8, 2020
A striking study on humans attempting to usurp command of Mother Nature, it's a sparse but visually poetic title from a unique, underrated auteur.
March 26, 2020
Director Kaneto Shindô relies on his imagery to craft an engrossing realist drama. This is one of the most sophisticated, and powerful, of modern silent films.
July 16, 2019
It is a monumental study in the mute determination, unfaltering dignity and monastic strength of the human being's day to day battle with life.
June 10, 2016
Once its rhythms are set and we get to know the characters through their actions and interactions, The Naked Island develops a surprisingly strong narrative and emotional allure
April 20, 2011
Graceful goodbyes are said, then life moves on. The characters' urge for survival wins out, even if you're left shattered.
April 19, 2011
The Naked Island borders on kitsch. Still, once seen it is not easily forgotten-the myth of Sisyphus transposed to Tahiti.
August 17, 2008
'The Island/Hadaka no shima' could be depressing were it not for stark poetry of conception and realization by cinematographer Kiyomi Kuroda.