The New Girlfriend Reviews

November 5, 2018
The film devolves into a slightly timid exercise in kitsch; it's the sort of thing Pedro Almodóvar would do a lot more convincingly.
October 5, 2018
The New Girlfriend is perhaps best experienced as variations on a theme, rather than an organically developed story; I just wish that were the experience Ozon had intended.
July 28, 2017
The real problem is that the two storylines bump up against each other with a tonal inconsistency that backs us against a wall. A deus ex machina is required to tie up the narrative, and it's a clunky one.
May 12, 2016
While there is occasional delight of artful satire, fanciful farce, psychological undercurrent and political breadth, it soon becomes evident, as the intricate subplots and subtexts unfold, Ozon has rather overstretched himself again.
November 19, 2015
It's never clear what the director's intentions are, the premise looses strenght and it falls apart thowards the end. [Full review in Spanish]
September 25, 2015
What is surprising is how conventionally the screenplay begins to wrap up this story and how blatantly manipulative its methods are in order to do so.
September 24, 2015
Duris in drag looks like a refugee from the New York Dolls, but his character aspires to nothing more than life as a bourgeois, pearl-clad mom.
September 18, 2015
[An] essentially silly and trite treatise on gender fluidity.
September 18, 2015
Maybe a new girlfriend, but definitely old tropes.
September 17, 2015
There's a cruel comedy lying in wait for these characters, but their creator is protecting them.
September 16, 2015
There is a sharp, sublime Almodvar film trapped inside the blurry outlines of Franois Ozon's The New Girlfriend, as if aching to get out.
September 15, 2015
The worst you can say is that Ozon's simply trying all he can to get a rise. The best you could say is he's made a mildly incoherent mess that revels in its reckless upchucking of ideas.
September 15, 2015
Ozon sacrifices his sharp portrayal of grief and rebirth to clumsy convention.
February 23, 2015
A bit of a dull jumble.
September 26, 2014
A typically uneven effort from Franois Ozon...
September 6, 2014
The concept of "The New Girlfriend" could have been played several different ways, from farce to high-drama to Hitchcock-ian thriller. Ozon decides to try it all, but in the end doesn't pull off any.