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May 13, 2015
I didn't dig it. Nah. Not one of my favorite Warren Beatty films.
½ August 18, 2013
The Only Game in Town might be better classified as a talkie rather than a motion picture as there isn't a lot of motion going on considering 90% of the film is just Elizabeth Taylor and Warren Beatty talking. But it is the dialogue and fashion in which these two icons interact that makes this romantic drama so convincing. Unlike many films, and possibly because it is the main purpose of the film, the relationship and developement of said relationship seem truly genuine. It isn't until the later half of the film that things begin to feel forced in order to achieve the "romantic ending".
Unfortunately, many might feel this film goes nowhere fast, comes across a little boring and extremely melodramatic. While I can't argue with the later, if you concentrate on the characters and their maneurisms, dialogue and interactions I find that the film takes on a very interesting character study aspect and can get you involved. Of course, this is easier said than done and modern audiences (and likely audiences at the time) would want something more from the film.
The Only Game in Town isn't so much entertaining as it is somewhat interesting and humanistic. Worth taking a look at even if only one time, if you enjoy your romance films to be character driven and relationship centric.
March 19, 2011
The Only Game in Town is a decent film. It is about a gambling addict falling in love a Vegas showgirl. Warren Beatty and Elizabeth Taylor give good performances. The screenplay is all right but not the best. George Stevens did a decent job directing the movie. I liked the motion picture but not one of my favorites.
September 1, 2010
Elizabeth Taylor, who at 38 is more Martha than Maggie, is a Vegas showgirl (!) who falls for restaurant piano player Warren Beatty. He plans to move to NYC to make it big, but every time he gets close to saving the $5,000 he wants to move, he blows it on the craps tables.

This movie is really bad, but I loved watching it. The clothes, the set (Elizabeth's apartment is a green and turquoise nightmare), the intrusive Maurice Jarre score, the cinematography (lots of soft focus for the closeups)---it was a train wreck. Knowing that it was filmed in France (again, !) because Elizabeth Taylor wanted to be close to Richard Burton, who was also filming in Europe, only increases the novelty. It was poor George Stevens' last film.
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