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Adam & Dog - (director: Minkyu Lee, USA) The story about the dog of Eden. What happened in those first days of Creation that made Man and Dog so inseparable? The dog, as he lives through this curious world, encounters a strange creature; a human being named Adam - and with that discovers a new found connection to the world. Fresh Guacamole - (director: PES, USA) Learn how to transform familiar objects into Fresh Guacamole! Head Over Heels - (director: Timothy Reckart, UK) After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. When Walter discovers a long-lost memento of their wedding day, he tries to reignite their old romance. But it brings their equilibrium crashing down, and the couple that can't agree which way is up must find a way to put their marriage back together. Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare' (director: David Silverman, USA) Maggie Simpson spends a day at the Ayn Rand Daycare Center where she is diagnosed at an average intelligence level. Longing to be grouped with the gifted children, Maggie finds her destiny by rescuing a lonely cocoon from Baby Gerald, who is busy smooshing butterflies. Paperman -(director: John Kahrs, USA) Paperman follows the story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers to get her attention, his efforts are no match for what the fates have in store for him. (c) Shorts International
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If you're primed for the sudden shifts in tone, style, story and look, the payoff is one provocative and evocative film after another.

Full Review… | February 1, 2013
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic

A strong field of Oscar contenders ...

Full Review… | February 1, 2013
Philadelphia Inquirer
Top Critic

The "Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts 2012" lack the consistency of last year's group ...

Full Review… | February 1, 2013
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic

There are three separate annual compilations of Oscar-nominated shorts, with the animation reel always more popular than the live-action and documentary offerings.

Full Review… | February 1, 2013
New York Post
Top Critic

This year's Academy Award nominees in the category of animated short film feel notably old-fashioned, quaint even.

Full Review… | February 1, 2013
Washington Post
Top Critic

As unreliable as the Academy Awards may be at every possible level, it's a relief to encounter the 2013 Oscar-nominated shorts ...

Full Review… | January 31, 2013
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animation

This was my first year to see the animated shorts, and I hate that I've missed them in the past. I loved all of them, even the "Highly Commended" non-nominees. "Adam and Dog," a story of how dog and man became inseparable from the very beginning, was my favorite. It was stunningly animated in a more artistic manner than simple cartoon-like animation. It was almost a painting that told a dialogue-less story that never missed the words. The pacing, the look on the characters faces said it all. I don't quite understand why "Maggie Simpson: The Longest Daycare" was nominated. It was only 5 minutes long and, while cute, it wasn't nearly the level of talent as the remaining nominees. "Fresh Guacamole" was a short, eye-catching stop-motion photographic marvel, but given that PES has done other items like this, I didn't see why this one was so special as to be nominated. In a tough second was "Head Over Heels," which told the sweet story of a couple growing old and apart in the day-to-day doldrums of life, but unique circumstances bring them back together. And finally, "Paperman," which was shown before some major films in December, is an entertaining matchmaking story of two having met by chance in a city subway station. The bonus was the 28 minute "The Gruffalo Child," beautifully animated and narrated by an all-star case from the children's book.

Jeffrey Newman
Jeffrey Newman

The paper man was good, simpson one was decent, I hated Adam and the dog, love fresh guacamole, thought head over heels was by far the best, it was clever and sweet.

Matt Simonis
Matt Simonis

The five animated shorts nominated for an Academy Award this years, plus some bonus shorts to round out the running time. The nominees are the fun but slight 2-minute stop-motion "Fresh Guacamole"; the clever standalone Simpsons short "The Last Day Care"; Disney's romantic "Paperman"; "Head Over Heels," about a wife who lives on the ceiling while hubby takes the floor; and "Adam and Dog," about man's first encounter with his canine pal in the Garden of Eden. Curiously, none of the nominated shorts have any dialogue. The black and white "Paperman" looks great and is the prohibitive favorite, but my vote would go to "Adam and Dog" for the best combination of visual artistry and storytelling. Overall a bit of an uneven and even a weak field (comparitively speaking) make this a worthwhile but innessenial compilation.

Greg S
Greg S

Super Reviewer

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